Advocacy Alert: Urge No on the Harmful Facilities Restrictions Proposed by AB 1604

Assembly Bill 1604 by Assemblymember Mia Bonta proposes harmful restrictions on the Charter School Facilities Grant Program (CSFGP), a partial lease reimbursement program that serves low-income students. 

AB 1604 would:

  • Give the Attorney General unrestricted authority to block the sale or lease of charter school buildings funded by CSFGP, leading to disputes and severely undermining the ability of charter schools to access financing needed to acquire facilities.
  • Impose changes to admissions preferences for participating schools, potentially splitting up families by precluding preferences for siblings and the children of teachers.
  • Create redundant regulations that could harm charter schools' ability to acquire financing and limit their access to funding. We cannot let this happen! 

More information regarding this bill is available in CSDC's AB 1604 Legislative Fact Sheet.

AB 1604 is up for a vote in the Assembly Education Committee this Wednesday.

Please contact your Assemblymember and the Governor today and ask them to oppose AB 1604. Together, we can ensure that low-income students have continued access to high-quality school buildings. Act now before it's too late!

Update on April 11, 2023: Thanks to the many people who took action, AB 1604 was pulled from the April 12 Assembly Education Committee agenda. However, the bill could still come back at the end of month. Stay tuned to CSDC for new developments.

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