Advocacy Alert: AB 1604 Pulled from Committee Agenda — But Could Come Back

Thank you to those who contacted your representatives to register your opposition to Assembly Bill 1604 (Bonta).Your advocacy made a difference!

If enacted, this bill would impose unworkable restrictions on the Charter Schools Facility Grant Program, one of the only facilities funding streams for charter schools outside of LCFF funds. More information regarding this bill is available in CSDC's AB 1604 Legislative Fact Sheet:


The overwhelming pushback from the charter school community has caught the attention of the Assembly Education Committee Chair, who is concerned about the negative impact of the bill. 

As a result, CSDC is excited to share that Assemblymember Mia Bonta (D - Alameda) has pulled the bill from the Assembly Education Committee agenda for April 12. This is a strong indicator that there is not enough support for the policy as currently written. 

Unfortunately, the bill is not dead yet. The author still has time to rework the bill and bring it back to the committee on April 26. 

As always, CSDC will keep you posted on new developments. Stay ready!

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