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Multiple Measures, LLC

685 Placerville Drive 310, Placerville, CA, 95667
Curriculum & Instruction
(530) 295-1262

Are you a charter school in the renewal process and need a way to determine student and school growth over the term of the charter with similar school, district and state comparisons?

Are you struggling with multiple, difficult to read and/or interpret forms of data and charts that are assessment specific and lack the ability to compare student, class, school and district results over time?

Are you tasked with manually sorting the data to get the full picture?

Do you receive CSI or other Federal/State grant funds and need to bring all of your academic assessments, SEL and observational data together to inform instruction, action plans, policies and program?

Multiple Measures Ready Reports™ are made for you!

With our turnkey service, we pre-build and deliver finished presentation quality reports for all your audiences, comparing growth or decline over time with multiple assessments for all individual students, subgroups, groups, all in one place. Our reports allow you to examine, quantify, track and compare student progress, using actionable data and observations while viewing incremental “between the bands” improvements (e.g. FPL™) to inform instruction, policies, programs and stakeholders. Planning instructional, resource allocation and PD to support staff, students and parents in these uncommon times is incredibly difficult.

Multiple Measures Ready Reports™ can assist in this process regardless of publishers, to effectively differentiate and personalize instruction. No data-mining is required on your part. We report any assessment from any publisher or resource, and our turnaround time for new data is 1-3 days! These reports can be created ad-hoc, or automatically pre-built for hundreds or thousands of students, overnight. We provide full training and 24/7 hour customer support and have consultants available to assist with data interpretation and program/instructional strategies.

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