Sample Governing Board Policies


What are the Sample Governing Board Policies?

CSDC's Sample Governing Board Policies is a repository of some of the policies California charter schools are required or otherwise ought to have in place.

CSDC’s team of charter experts created these policies so that California charter school leaders would have a starting point for the policy drafting and adoption process.

Who has access to the Sample Governing Board Policies?

CSDC's Charter School Governing Board Sample Policies are available to personnel currently employed by CSDC Member schools. To access the Policies, CSDC Members must have an account on this website. If you have a CSDC Member account but have forgotten your username or password, please click here. If you are unsure whether you have a CSDC Member account or need to create one, please contact us so we can create and affiliate your account with the correct CSDC Member school.

Policies Index

Below is an index of the sample policies currently available in the Resources section of CSDC's website.

Employee Handbook

  • 1.  Introduction
  • 2.  Hiring Policies and Procedures
  • 3.  General Workplace Policies
  • 4.  Hours of Work, Overtime, and Attendance
  • 5.  Standards of Conduct
  • 6.  Employee Benefits
  • 7.  Employee Evaluation and Separation
  • 8.  Teleworking Agreement

Budget Policies

  • 1.  Budget Development and Oversight Calendar and Responsibilities
  • 2.  Controls, Budget, and Fiscal Management
  • 3.  Negotiating Funding Entitlements
  • 4.  Required Budget and Other Fiscal Reports
  • 5.  Property and Liability Insurance
  • 6.  Board Compensation
  • 7.  Authority to Enter Into Contracts and Agreements
  • 8.  Fundraising, Grant Solicitation, and Donation Recognition

Curriculum & Instruction

Facilities & Operations

School Safety

Board Governance Policies

Student Policies