Governance Training Certification

At the 2020 Leadership Update Conference (LUC), CSDC is offering a specialized training for charter school board members that will satisfy the certificate-based requirements being imposed by charter school authorizers.

The Charter School Governance Training Certification is a flexible, yet comprehensive training for new and returning charter school board members that will cover topics such as school governance, the Brown Act, audits, fiscal oversight, human resources, and more.

The Governance Certificate can be completed in its entirety during the conference and an Advanced Level Certification will be provided to each participant when they provide proof of workshop and breakout session attendance.

Participants must attend some mandatory sessions and can choose between additional specified workshops and breakout sessions to customize each participant’s training.

Mandatory Workshop: Governance Training*

*Please note that new board members, or board members who have not previously taken Governance Training at LUC are required to take a pre-conference breakout session, Governance 101, prior to attending the Governance Training Workshop.

Mandatory Breakout Sessions (pick four):

  • Intro to the California School Dashboard
  • Advocacy for Charter School Leaders
  • Facilities: Place, Space, and COVID-19
  • Operating Your School During a Pandemic – Your Employment Questions Answered
  • What is Your Why?
  • Legal Update
  • I’m Responsible for What? A Guide to Financial Oversight for Board Members
  • Out-of-the-Box Nonclassroom-Based Schools Update
  • Audit Impact of COVID-19 Legislation
  • What Happens When Prospective Families Can’t Get to Campus?
  • Do You Have A Plan?
  • Fiscal Conflicts of Interest
  • Voldemort Rising vs COVID-19: Lessons for School Leaders
  • WASC Accreditation and COVID-19: A Virtual Visit
  • Governing Through a Crisis
  • Governance 101
  • Charter Renewals Strategy
  • Define Yourself Before You're Defined: Owning Your Story in the Storm
  • The Laws on Student Admissions, Lottery Preferences, and Outreach