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CSDC supports the charter school community to:

We particularly encourage charter school leaders to plan ahead for AB 1505 charter renewal content and prepare early. As always, we welcome members’ comments and questions.

Learn The Basics

California School Dashboard

The Leadership Intensive and the Leadership Update Conference offer intro-level sessions and trainings on the California School Dashboard, charter renewal, Local Control and Accountability Plans (LCAP) and a lot more.

Stay Informed

Currents newsletters and other CSDC resources and events are important to staying current.

  • Charter Currents newsletters – CSDC continually updates the charter school community on latest accountability changes through Currents newsletters. Click to search the Charter Currents archive.
  • Trainings and webinars – Accountability is a focus at the Leadership Intensive, the Leadership Update conference, webinars, and other events, including intermediate and advanced sessions.

Access Customized Data Analysis

CSDC members can access customized data reports that include the following features:

  • Comparison of performance on the California School Dashboard, schoolwide and by student group:
  • to demographically similar schools in California
  • to resident schools
  • to other specially selected schools
  • Chart and table format of the above, for ELA and Math data
  • Data tables with “points to next color” and other analytics of interest
  • Grade level trajectories
  • schoolwide and for five student groups
  • compared to statewide grade level trends
  • compared to selected comparison schools

The reports can yield new insights and can be used for communication of progress to stakeholders, including charter renewal. CSDC cautions that publicly available data does not enable analysis of individual longitudinal progress, and deeper analysis can reveal a fuller, more accurate picture.

Plan Ahead for AB 1505 Renewal

Given newly intensified fiscal pressures, many authorizers may feel pressure to close charter schools. CSDC urges charter schools to help authorizers and community leaders to get to know their schools. Political support can be incredibly important. CSDC also advises charter schools to unpack the charter renewal and plan ahead for a strong position with respect to the complex new criteria.

The renewal criteria place schools on three tracks, one that is “safe,” one that favors renewal, and one that defaults to denial. Charter schools should understand the mechanics of placement and also what matters to the underlying decision. Anticipating how these complex statutes will play out for the school may require substantial interaction with the statutes and with the school’s related data. CSDC strongly encourages charter schools to pause to understand the statutes and, for most, to prioritize development of an informed renewal strategy.

CSDC Resources for Renewal – CSDC offers the following supports to charter schools preparing for renewal:

  • CSDC’s Guide to AB 1505 Renewal , a quick-reference guide to the complex statutes. Readers may wish to download the guide as a companion reference to this article.
  • CSDC’s AB 1505 Renewal Track Data Timeline , a reference guide to timelines for data used that may apply in track sorting (i.e., which years may “count” – and when)
  • CDSC’s Renewal Strategy Worksheet an Excel worksheet format for analyzing past data compared to state trends to assist in developing a renewal strategy.
  • CSDC’s Customizable Data Reports, with numerous data analytics that may be helpful in developing the renewal case. Interested charter schools should contact CSDC for a personalized renewal consultation, a free support for CSDC members. CONTACT US.
  • CSDC’s California Charter Schools Leadership Update Conference , held online from October 26-29, 2020.
  • Introduction to the California School Dashboard, October 26
  • Introduction to AB 1505 Renewal, October 27
  • AB 1505 Renewal Strategy Workshop, October 28-29. On October 28, the workshop gave attendees an updated overview of Dashboard-based charter renewal, focusing on succeeding under the “middle track” renewal standards with an understanding of related statewide data trends. On October 29, the workshop focused on track placement and how each school can plan to achieve higher track placement.

Master the LCAP

California School Dashboard

The Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) is a heavy lift to understand and to complete. To support charter schools with this complex accountability requirement, CSDC has offered numerous trainings, sessions, and webinars. In addition, drafters may want to review our Annotated LCAP for guidance. Check back for updated resources when the LCAP template is approved in early 2021.

Contracted Services

On occasion, charter schools and charter-granting agencies may be able to contract for services for customized support with accountability services such as LCAP reviews and charter renewal, including review of the charter petition and demonstration of how minimum renewal thresholds are met.

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