Governance Certification

Every year at our California Charter Schools Leadership Update Conference, CSDC offers a specialized training for charter school board members that satisfies the certificate-based requirements being imposed by some charter school authorizers.

The Charter School Governance Training Certification is a flexible, yet comprehensive training for new and returning charter school board members that covers topics such as school governance, the Brown Act, audits, fiscal oversight, human resources, and more.

Governance training for this certificate is completed in its entirety during the conference, and an advanced level Governance Certificate is provided to each participant who demonstrates completion of the required workshop and sessions.

Requirements of completion include attendance at mandatory sessions, as well as those that can be selected by the participant to customize each training.

Earn the Certificate at this Year's Conference

To learn more about sessions that will qualify this year for the Governance Training Certificate, please visit the searchable program on our conference website, favorite those sessions which interest you and build your conference schedule. Once you have attended the appropriate number of sessions, please ensure that you have completed the training certificate form. 

Details on Earning Your Certificate

Those seeking the Governance Training Certificate must take a minimum of:

Take the Governance Academy Courses

Additionally, CSDC members have access to the Governance Academy a free, self-paced training for charter school board members. The Governance Academy offers an opportunity for on-boarding new board members, launching a board retreat, or as a refresher for existing board members seeking additional training. CSDC will provide a “proof of completion” for Governance Academy participants after all the modules have been completed.

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