Legislative Updates

CSDC Legislative Update: Bonta Bill Held Back; Bond, 30-Min. Recess Moves Forward; Black in School Coalition Rallies for Change to Equity Multiplier

Laura Kerr

Legislative & Community Outreach Specialist

Category: Law & Policy
April 13, 2023

Sacramento, CA – This week around the capitol, legislators are pushing their bills through the first policy committee – a critical pressure test for the viability of bills. Budget committees are beginning to wrap up their review of the Governor’s January Budget in anticipation of the Governor’s May Revise.

Bills of Interest 

URGENT: Help stop AB 1604 by Assemblymember Mia Bonta (D-Alameda), which would give the Attorney General sweeping powers to block the sale of select charter school facilities.

CSDC has opposed this bill, and we need your help to defeat it. The bill would set a dangerous precedent for all charter schools. Thanks to your previous advocacy, the bill was temporarily removed from the committee's agenda last week. However, AB 1604 is back and scheduled for a hearing on Wednesday, April 26. Assembly Education Committee Chair, Al Muratsuchi (D-Torrance), is reviewing the bill and is concerned about the negative impacts on charter schools. We must keep the pressure on!

Contact your Assemblymember today to oppose AB 1604 now, if you haven’t already. Look for CSDC’s Advocacy Alerts with the latest developments in the coming days.

AB 247 (Muratsuchi) – On Wednesday, Assemblymember Josh Hoover (R-Folsom) spoke out to support the equitable inclusion of charter schools in Muratsuchi’s school bond. He asked for proportional funds to be set aside for charter school students, saying that just 3% of state bond funds have gone to charters since 1998 despite the fact that California charter schools serve 11% of the state’s public school students.