Legislative To-Do Lists

California Charter Schools 2022 New Laws To-Do List

Laura Kerr

Legislative and Community Outreach Specialist

Category: Law & Policy
January 5, 2023

In 2022, Governor Gavin Newsom vetoed 169 bills and signed 997 bills into law—over 200 more bills then the prior year. In this document, we provide a summary of the bills with direct impacts on charter schools.

This check list is divided into five sections: 
• Educational Program
• Employment 
• Governance
• Operations
• Student Services

We encourage you to review the list, delegate compliance to the appropriate person or team, and check the status of implementation regularly until it is complete.  

Please contact CSDC and/or your legal counsel with questions about how to implement these laws at your specific school site(s). In addition to links to the bill language, this chart provides links to charts and webinars that will be useful in implementing these new laws.

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