Charter Jobs Policies


Hosted and maintained by the Charter Schools Development Center (hereinafter referred to as “CSDC”), Charter Jobs is an online job posting service designed to match employment-seeking educators, administrators, and other personnel types (hereinafter referred to as “job seekers”) with prospective job opportunities made available by organizations that either are (or operate one or more) active California public charter schools (hereinafter referred to as “schools”), or that otherwise provide relevant support and services to active California public charter schools (hereinafter referred to as “non-school organizations”).

A school or non-school organization will be considered a “CSDC Member” if it possesses a membership status of “Active” (per the terms of CSDC’s membership agreement) at the time it submits its postings to Charter Jobs. Otherwise, the school or non-school organization will be deemed a “non-member.”

Permitted Usage

A job seeker may use Charter Jobs to view a list of employment opportunities available at California public charter schools, and
query a narrowed listing of relevant employment opportunities by using a number of helpful filtering tools.

A school or non-school organization may use Charter Jobs to draw attention to their organization’s employment vacancies by advertising their organization’s employment opportunities before the thousands of users who visit CSDC’s website every year.


Active members receive up to 5 free job listings per membership year. The cost for additional listings is $125 each.

Nonmember charter schools, developers, authorizers, and vendors may purchase job listings for $250 each.

Posting Submission Process

A school or non-school organization must submit the posting(s) for his/her organization via CSDC’s website, providing for each posting the information specified in the “Required Information” section below.

Additionally, at the time of submission, the organization must also pay for applicable listing fees via credit card, fax/email CSDC a valid purchase order (PO), or request that CSDC remit an invoice for the listing fee(s) due.

Please note that the first option (i.e. credit card) generally expedites the display of the posting(s) and that CSDC will not display the posting(s) for any submission whose listing fees have not been paid in full.

Assuming that a recruiting organization has paid the listing fee(s) in full and provided all information specified in the “Required Information” section below, CSDC will generally first display the submitted posting(s) on Charter Jobs within 1-2 business days.

CSDC reserves the right to decline the display of any posting submitted to Charter Jobs for any reason, regardless of whether or not the recruiting organization has paid the listing fees due.

In the event CSDC does not display the submitted posting(s), CSDC will refund the listing fee(s) in an amount not to exceed the listing fee(s) paid by the recruiting organization for the undisplayed posting(s).

Posting Duration

Starting on the date on which a posting is first displayed on Charter Jobs (per the “Posting Submission Process” section above), the posting will continue to be displayed for up to 3 months, at which time CSDC will permanently remove the posting from Charter Jobs.

If a recruiting organization fills a position earlier than the deadline it had specified for a given posting, CSDC encourages the recruiting organization to contact CSDC’s offices and request that the posting be removed from Charter Jobs.

Anti-Discrimination Policy

While CSDC will make every effort not to display a posting that, in its judgment, discriminates on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, or disability, schools and non-school organizations are ultimately responsible for maintaining compliance with applicable state and federal laws and regulations governing equal employment and civil rights.

Policy Updates

CSDC reserves the right to change this policy at any time and for any reason without providing notice to Charter Jobs users. This policy was last updated on 3/15/16.

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