CBO Direct

What is CBO Direct?

CBO Direct is repository of sample templates, calendars, answers to FAQs, and other helpful resources of use to chief business/finacial officers at California public charter schools.

While CBO Direct is primarily intended for CFOs/COOs, it is also of use to any charter school personnel with substantial day-to-day fiscal management and oversight responsibilities.

Who creates CBO Direct resources?

CSDC's charter experts—including Joyce L. Montgomery, CSDC's Education Finance and Policy Specialist and presenter of CSDC's annual CBO Training Program; as well as CSDC's Executive Director and Founder, Eric Premack—create and update CBO Direct resources.

Who has access to CBO Direct resources?

Most CBO Direct resources are available to CSDC Member schools. A limited number of resources are available to non-members who can access these resources by creating a non-member account on this website.

How do I access CBO Direct?

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