April 01, 2021


Under AB 1505 authorizers may only deny charter renewal of Dashboard Alternative Status Schools if it finds that “closure is in the best interest of pupils.” The law ... Read More

March 17, 2021


Please join us for a special convening of CSDC’s Nonclassroom-Based Professional Learning Community. Given the large number of pressing issues related specifically to ... Read More

March 11, 2021


With strategic planning several years in advance of renewal, more charter schools may be able to achieve the highly desirable Track 1, and ... Read More

March 04, 2021


Both houses of the California Legislature today passed Assembly Bill 86, legislation providing $6.5 billion via two grant programs to encourage schools to reopen ... Read More

March 02, 2021


In November, the State Board of Education identified the list of assessments that can count as “verified data” for purposes of charter renewal on ... Read More

March 01, 2021


Sacramento, CA — The governor and Legislature reached accord over the weekend on a $6.5 billion school reopening ... Read More

February 26, 2021


Sacramento, CA — Although more than half of states currently authorize vaccines for K-12 school staff and ... Read More

February 25, 2021


CSDC welcomes its member schools to join us on Wednesday, March 3 at 1:30PM for our 2021 webinar on the new LCAP template. The webinar will offer practical guidance on completing the ... Read More

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