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Three Reasons that Charter School Boards Need Effective Policies

Apr 11 2022


The backbone of effective and sustainable charter schools is a set of comprehensive and coherent board policies. Governing board policies bring uniformity to a school’s culture, reduce the risk of unwanted events, prepare the school for renewal and provide a roadmap for charter school administrators, staff, parents/guardians and students. 

But let’s face it: Creating, reviewing and passing board policies is one of the least exciting aspects of governing. So why do it? It could be argued that board policies uphold the mission and vision of the charter school, making this work some of the most important. 

In this edition of the Board Bulletin, we discuss three reasons for why charter school boards need effective policies.

CSDC's Board Bulletin series is a special resource designed for California charter school board members and is one of the exclusive benefits of CSDC Membership. 

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