New CSDC Program Announcement: CharterShield School Benefits Trust

Published February 23, 2015 15:23

CSDC is very excited to announce the launching of our latest initiative: The CharterShield School Benefits Trust

CharterShield is a health benefits trust designed to provide schools with higher quality and more cost-effective health benefits than previously available to charter schools in California. By leveraging the buying power of all the schools in the trust, charter schools of all sizes can now enjoy the benefits of accessing large group insurance rates.

This program is based on a significant amount of work and research performed by CSDC aimed mitigate the exorbitant health insurance rate increases that schools currently face. We’ve partnered with Barney & Barney, a highly-respected and well-established insurance brokerage firm that will help administer the program.

For most schools, this is the time for renewing your health insurance coverage. We strongly encourage you to find out more about this program and how your school can benefit. Please visit our website for more information about CharterShield School Benefits Trust or contact: Robert D’Angelo, Manager of Employee Benefits Programs, Barney & Barney, tel: (858) 587-7159, email: robert.d'

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