Navigate a New Year with Confidence: Your Annual California Charter Schools New Laws To-Do List!

As we embark on a new year filled with exciting possibilities, it's crucial to stay ahead of evolving regulations and ensure your school remains compliant with the latest state laws. That's why the Charter School Development Center is thrilled to offer you our annual California Charter Schools New Laws To-Do List – your one-stop guide to navigating the changes enacted in 2023.

Published at the beginning of the calendar year, this easy-to-use checklist empowers your team to confidently tackle the new legal landscape.

We've meticulously identified critical changes across five key areas:

  • Human Resources: Stay informed about employee rights, benefits, and training requirements.
  • Student Health & Safety: Ensure the well-being of your students with updated rules on emergency protocols, preventing discrimination, and more.
  • Student Governance: Learn how to remedy past mistakes and hold compliant public meetings now that the COVID-19 state of emergency has ended.
  • School Operations & Finance: Navigate budgetary matters and operational procedures with confidence.
  • Student Success: Understand the changes related to serving students with special needs, homeless, and foster youth, along with college and career readiness.

More than just a checklist, this resource offers:

  • Actionable steps: Understand what needs to be done and prioritize tasks based on urgency.
  • Clear directions: Gain practical guidance on implementing changes effectively.
  • Valuable resources: Access links to bill language, webinars, and additional support to deepen your understanding.

Remember, this checklist is not intended to be a substitute for legal counsel. While it provides valuable guidance, we encourage you to reach out to CSDC or your own legal counsel for specific advice tailored to your school's needs.

Don't wait! CSDC Member Schools and Authorizers can download a full version of the California Charter Schools New Laws To-Do List now. Empower your team for a successful and compliant school year.

  • Mandated Internet Postings Checklist
  • Sample Governing Board Policies

Together, let's navigate the new year with confidence and ensure the continued success of California charter schools!

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