Legislative Alert: Continue the Pressure to Lift the Cap

Published June 25, 2020 19:19

Thanks to the hundreds of charter school advocates who endured hours of waiting to phone-in to Wednesday night’s Senate Budget Committee hearing to oppose the growth funding cap contained in AB 77, the K-12 education budget trailer bill. It was an unprecedented show of support, made a strong impression on the Senators, but not strong enough to stop the trailer bill. The Committee passed the bill on a 13-5, party-line vote, sending it to the full Senate. Budget and trailer bills are now pending floor votes of the full membership of both houses of the legislature.

We anticipate that the Legislature will shift to a different bill, Senate Bill (SB) 98, which contains problematic language that is identical to Assembly Bill 77. We also anticipate the full Assembly will vote on the budget bills on Friday and the Senate will take action early next week.

Given this tight timeline, and the need to maintain strong pressure, CSDC urges charter schools to continue to contact their legislators (find them here), including members of the Assembly as well as the Senate. Given the potential shift to a different bill number, we suggest brief and simple calls and emails expressing “opposition to the cap on funding for growing schools in the education budget trailer bill,” and briefly noting problematic impacts specific to your school’s circumstances. If pressed for a bill number, mention both SB 98 and AB 77.

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