LCAP Changes, Reminders, Resources, and New Local Indicator Dashboard Reporting Window

As administrators turn to preparing and finalizing the LCAP, we offer the following overview of key changes and reminders. Also, note that this year’s window to upload local indicators to the Dashboard will be open from June 3 to July 31, and changes will not be granted after that date.

Key Changes:

  • Must discontinue actions that have not proved effective. Beginning with the development of the 2024–25 LCAP, the LEA must change actions that have not proven effective over a three-year period. “Effective” means the degree to which the planned actions were successful in producing the target result, and “ineffective” refers to no significant or desired result. LEAs may assess the effectiveness of a single action or group of actions within the goal in the context of performance on a single metric or group of specific metrics related to the action(s).
  • Must identify metrics to monitor effectiveness: For “contributing” actions provided on a school-wide basis, the LEA must identify one or metrics to monitor effectiveness and its budgeted expenditures.
  • Must include new required goals and actions: Some previously required goals have been replaced by the following required goals and actions. Note that one action may address overlapping requirements, for example, if a student group triggers...

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