In-Depth 3-Hour Workshops for You and Your Staff. Hurry to Reserve a Seat!

Sep 25 2022


CSDC is excited to announce the workshop lineup for the 2022 California Charter Schools Leadership Update Conference happening November 13-15 in Sacramento, CA!

At nearly 3 hours in length, workshops empower participants to delve deeply into key aspects of charter school operations and management.

Workshop participation is included in conference registration at no additional cost and all workshops are offered in a relaxed, casual atmosphere on Sunday, November 13 from 1:30-4:45PM, followed by a CSDC hosted Happy Hour to welcome you to Sacramento.

Workshops are led by experienced presenters, including CSDC’s own charter school specialists, making them excellent formats for mastering the subject matter as well as great opportunities for having specific questions answered.

2022 Workshops

CSDC is proud to offer the following workshops at this year's event:

  • CSDC’s Governance 201: Those who are members of charter school governance teams need to be up-to-date on important topics like changes to the Brown Act, how to run an effective meeting, and the importance of a school's bylaws. Governance 201 covers all these topics and… MORE 》
  • CSDC's Intro to Charter Accountability: Come learn the basics of charter renewal, data, and school accountability for California charter schools. This workshop will cover fundamental content for charter school administrators, including charter school renewal standards… MORE 》
  • CSDC's Emergent Strategy: Principles for Leadership and Resilience: Almost 30 years ago, the charter law was passed in California as a means to rethink what was possible if educators were given the flexibility to innovate and the agility to be responsive to the… MORE 》
  • Renewing the Joy of Writing Instruction: Many teachers find creating engagement to be most challenging in a writing classroom. We know, however, that student engagement increases student growth. Learn some easy-to-apply, research-based strategies to increase student engagement in writing, therefore increasing… MORE 》
  • Title IX Training: Charter schools that receive any federal funds are required to comply with Title IX, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in educational programs. The latest Title IX regulations require schools to have updated Title IX grievance procedures in place for… MORE 》
  • Transform the Feedback and Evaluation Process with a Shift Positive: Who loves feedback and evaluation? Anyone? Anyone? [Crickets] The research says that there is no higher return on investment than… MORE 》
  • Unionization and Charter Schools: Union organizing in California charter schools remains a growing trend with schools potentially more vulnerable to unionization in this challenging labor market. In this workshop, two of the State's leading legal experts in this area will explore… MORE 》

Act Soon: Seats are Limited!

Workshops are available to conference registrants at no additional cost but capacity is limited. Here is how to reserve your seat:

  • Step 1 • Register now and save: The first step is to register for the conference. Register by October 16 and save $100/person on general/onsite pricing.
  • Step 2 • Reserve your seat: Once registered, you’ll need to reserve the workshop of your choosing! Admission to a workshop requires reserving a seat. Seats are limited and some workshops are expected to reach capacity. (If you’ve already registered for the conference, you can reserve your workshop by signing in to the conference platform and navigating to the workshop of your choosing in the program search.)
  • Step 3 • Plan your travel: Workshops are on Sunday! Lastly, plan your travel accordingly: all workshops will be held on Sunday, November 13 in the afternoon! This is a bit of change from past CSDC conferences, so make sure you arrive in time. Workshops will be held on the Sunday afternoon preceding the two full conference days on Monday and Tuesday.

Register Now

Get started with step 1 by registering now. Rates begin at $579/person.