Do Your School’s Annual Notices Contain All the Information Required by Law?

Have you ever wondered if your school’s annual notices contain all the information required by law?

A wide variety of California state and federal laws and regulations require that specific notifications be sent to the parents or guardians of students every year. These notifications cover everything from sexual harassment to the use of pesticides to dental fluoride treatment and more.

CSDC has just published a helpful resource, the 2022-23 Annual Notifications to Parents and Guardians Checklist, which compiles a list of 60 of these “annual notice” requirements and organizes them into three categories:

  • Mandated: Explicitly mandated by law
  • Best practice: CSDC considers inclusion of these notices to be a best practice
  • Tweener: Schools may wish to include these notices if they seem to apply (but are not required

The checklist also contains links to the supporting legal resources, guidance, and source material.

In practice, some charter schools have opted to send out a single annual notice, and some have opted to include this information in the student handbook. This checklist is designed to be used as a review of all the legal (and suggested) requirements.

Schools may wish to use this checklist to ensure alignment with legal requirements for the annual notice. CSDC also suggests using the Mandated Internet Website Postings list to ensure alignment with laws and regulations with the school’s website postings.

The full version of these resources are exclusively available to schools with an active CSDC Membership. Learn how CSDC Membership supports your school leadership team throughout the year and join or renew here.

If your school has questions around notices or any other governance or policy-related matters, please contact CSDC’s Governance and Policy Specialist, Caitlin O’Halloran, at

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