Charter Currents: May Revise Budget Offers Cuts and Targets Charter Schools in Midst of COVID-19 Crisis

Published May 22, 2020 13:38

Sacramento, CA—Governor Newsom’s May Revision (“May Revise”) budget proposes to cut the Local Control Funding Formula, cut most categorical programs, defer state aid payments, allocate billions in federal aid to some schools, and boost funding for special education. This update provides CSDC’s in-depth review of the May Revise and initial reaction from the Legislature as California approaches its 10th week of “stay in place” orders in response to the Coronavirus-19 pandemic.

A detailed review of the budget “trailer” legislation shows Newsom proposes several surprise attacks on charter schools and a number of other controversial strategies. Given the rapidly moving and opaque legislative environment during the pandemic (more near the end of this update), including a decidedly-unpatriotic Memorial Day hearing in the Senate, charter advocates should immediately voice their concerns with their legislators.


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