Charter Currents: Democrats Float Complex, Controversial Plan on School Reopening

Published February 19, 2021 13:45

Sacramento, CA — Democratic legislators are fast-tracking a complex new proposal to encourage reopening schools for in-person instruction, provide $2 billion for school reopening, and $4.5 billion for “learning recovery” grants, and grant a fuzzy priority to vaccinate school employees. The proposal, currently reflected in two substantively identical bills (AB 86 and SB 86) contains much of the framework of the governor’s similar reopening and grant proposals, albeit with a dizzying mix of relaxed and tightened requirements. The new proposal, like the governor’s, continues to punt difficult labor issues to local officials and may do little to break the logjams blocking school reopening in many of the state’s largest unionized districts. This article provides CSDC’s “first blush” understanding of this complex proposal, highlights several of CSDC’s primary concerns with this proposal, and suggests that charter school stakeholders contact their legislators immediately to share their concerns.


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