Social Emotional Leadership in the Context of Trauma

This special CSDC webinar focused on how leaders can make ethical operational decisions in the current environment plagued by trauma – trauma created from the pandemic, as well as from the continual racial issues of which we are all aware. The social emotional toll of today’s environment on leaders, teachers, staff, students, parents, and the community cannot be overlooked, so how will leaders guide their schools with a social emotional lens on operations and instruction? This webinar explored how to make decisions (or live with decisions made for us) that are in the best interest of everyone engaged and what language and tools can we use to provide clear communication to all stakeholders during an uncertain time.

This webinar was recorded on Tuesday, July 21 at 10:00AM.

The webinar recording is available to CSDC School and Authorizer Members only. Members may contact CSDC with any questions at or 916-538-6612. *Please note this webinar is not available to CSDC Vendor members.


Laurie Inman

Guest Instructor & Chair of Liberal Studies at CSUDH

Laurie Inman, Guest Instructor & Chair of Liberal Studies at CSUDHDr. Laurie Inman has been an educator for 35 years, spanning the K-16 arena, as both a teacher and administrator. From 2012-2017, she was the founding CEO/Principal of Apple Academy Charter Public Schools in Los Angeles. Previously, she directed programs for an education-related non-profit and spent 12 years as a literacy consultant. She is currently a university chair/lecturer and has founded The Center for Independent Charter Schools, a nonprofit designed to provide resources to leaders of color, including trauma responsive services. Dr. Inman earned her Ed.D in Educational Leadership with a concentration in Teacher Education in Multicultural Societies at USC.

Caprice Young

National Superintendent, Learn4Life Schools

Caprice Young, National Superintendent, Learn4Life SchoolsAs the National Superintendent of Learn4Life Schools, Dr. Caprice Young serves 40,000 secondary school students in more than 80 learning centers in California, Ohio, and Michigan. Learn4Life re-engages students with learning needs exceeding the scope of traditional schools achieving an 89 percent success rate. Raised in a foster family, Caprice brings her own family experience to her work re-engaging students who have experienced trauma prior to changing their story at Learn4Life. Her students graduate to be lifelong learners, economic participants, and civically engaged.

Kitty Fortner

Assistant Professor, School Leadership Program

Kitty Fortner, Assistant Professor, School Leadership ProgramKitty is currently an assistant professor in the Graduate Education Department School Leadership Program at California State University Dominguez Hills. She has been involved in K-12 education for the past 20 years in both district and charter schools. Kitty believes that leadership plays an imperative role in the fostering of academic and life success for all learners. Her research focuses on identity and its role in effective school leadership. In addition to her current research on urban school leaders’ skills, knowledge, behaviors and dispositions needed for student success, she continues her work on looking at the intersection of identity and leadership for liberation and justice.

Michelle Santana

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Michelle Santana, Licensed Clinical Social WorkerAs a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Michelle specializes in adult, child, and adolescent mood disorders based on her extensive training and experience in treating complex PTSD and related symptoms. She uses evidenced based practices catered to individuals, couples, and families including EMDR, TFCBT, Mindfulness and CBT. Her style and approach centers on finding each individual’s values and strengths and using them as a guide to reach optimum functioning, lifestyle and choices.

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