Partner Trainings

Charter School Independence Webinar

CSDC was pleased to partner with the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools to provide California school leaders with the information and tools needed to understand the trends, implications of unionized charter schools, and the steps they can take in advance and during an organizing effort. Attendees heard from experts from both the national and state levels and received essential information, best practices, and examples to guide their efforts.

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Social Emotional Leadership in the Context of Trauma Webinar

This special CSDC webinar focused on how leaders can make ethical operational decisions in the current environment plagued by trauma – trauma created from the pandemic, as well as from the continual racial issues of which we are all aware. The social emotional toll of today’s environment on leaders, teachers, staff, students, parents, and the community cannot be overlooked, so how will leaders guide their schools with a social emotional lens on operations and instruction? This webinar explored how to make decisions (or live with decisions made for us) that are in the best interest of everyone engaged and what language and tools can we use to provide clear communication to all stakeholders during an uncertain time.

Available Online • School and Authorizer Members Only

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