Optimize Renewal Track Webinar

This webinar was held on March 31, 2021. The recording and supplemental materials are available to CSDC school and authorizer members:

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Planning Ahead to Optimize AB 1505 Renewal Track Placement

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 31, 2021 • 1:30PM • 120 MINUTES

Local Control and Accountability PlanWith strategic planning several years in advance of renewal, more charter schools may be able to achieve the highly desirable Track 1, and most should be able to avoid Track 3. This training aims to support participants to identify strategic areas of focus, specific to their schools, to improve track placement. For each participant registered by March 17, CSDC will provide a worksheet with historical data for their charter school to facilitate analysis. As participants study their schools’ historical data, the webinar will:

  • Briefly review the CDE’s methodology for track placement;
  • Note how the methodology put some charter schools at a relative advantage or disadvantage;
  • Discuss timeline for years used in track placement and using Dashboard-related “verifiable” data to improve track placement;
  • Analyze past data trends with respect to new renewal “targets” (see CSDC’s worksheet ); and
  • Set strategic goals to achieve higher renewal track placement.

* Charter schools are subject to “track placement” if the school has two or more Dashboard student groups that historically perform below the state average for “All Students” (Students with Disabilities, English Learners, Socioeconomically Disadvantaged, etc.). This session does not apply to schools that do not meet those criteria or to Dashboard Alternative Status Schools.

This webinar is free to CSDC school and authorizer members.


Susanne Coie

Accountability and Development Specialist

Susanne Coie, Accountability and Development SpecialistSusanne works closely with new charter school developers as well as operating charter schools seeking accountability support. She assists with charter petition reviews, financial plan development, grant reviews, governing board development, charter school law, regulation, best practices, and more Susanne develops and delivers trainings in the areas of school accountability and development.

Susanne has worked in K-12 education for 22 years and has served as a start-up charter school governing board member for nine years. Prior to joining CSDC, she was Principal and Co-founder of the Los Angeles Leadership Academy. Susanne started as a continuation high school teacher in Montebello, helping to administer a small school-within-a-school. She earned a Master of Public Policy from the University of California at Berkeley, a teaching credential from California State University at Los Angeles, and a BA from Pomona College.


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