CSDC’s School Reopening and COVID-19 Update Webinar

This webinar was held on March 8, 2021. The recording and supplemental materials are available to CSDC school and authorizer members:

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On March 4, 2021, both houses of the California Legislature passed Assembly Bill 86, legislation providing $6.5 billion via two grant programs to encourage schools to reopen for “in-person” instruction. The bill remains identical to the version we wrote about earlier this week. The governor indicated his plan to sign the bill into law.

This webinar, a free service for CSDC members, summarized the key features of AB 86, placing it in the context of pre-existing laws, guidance, and practicalities on opening schools, and provided CSDC’s thoughts on how to successfully implement it.

Specific topics covered:

  • Details on the two grant programs in AB 86, including their relationship to the larger state and federal funding picture and COVID-19 funding programs,
  • What schools need to do to qualify for AB 86 grant funding,
  • How schools can spend AB 86 grant funding,
  • Vaccine provisions,
  • Public health and data reporting mandates,
  • Asymptomatic COVID-19 testing mandates,
  • How AB 86’s requirements relate to the California Department of Public Health’s pre-existing “guidance” on school reopening and Cal/OSHA’s planning mandates,
  • California’s evolving reopening color tiers,
  • How to prepare for pending changes to high-stakes audit guidelines,
  • Funding and practical implications specific to nonclassroom-based schools,
  • Pandemic prospects for 2021-22.

To make the most of your limited time, the webinar is fast-paced and assumes that viewers have already read CSDC’s previous summary of AB 86. Participants were encouraged to submit questions before and during the webinar.


Eric Premack

Executive Director and Founder

Eric Premack, Executive Director and FounderEric Premack is the founding Director of CSDC. For over 25 years, Eric has played a leading role in the development and spread of chartered schools, including helping to draft and implement chartered schools policy in over two dozen states, at the federal level, and overseas. He has developed groundbreaking charter school policy, planning, implementation, oversight, and leadership development practices that have been emulated throughout the US and internationally.

Caitlin O'Halloran

Governance and Policy Specialist

Caitlin O'Halloran, Governance and Policy SpecialistCaitlin O’Halloran is the Governance and Policy Specialist at CSDC. Caitlin leads the development and delivery of CSDC’s Governance offering, including our Online Governance Academy, and is CSDC’s main point of contact for matters relating to governance, advocacy, policy and other charter school leadership topics.

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