CSDC’s Governor’s Budget Webinar

This webinar was held on January 15, 2021. The recording and supplemental materials are available to CSDC school and authorizer members:

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CSDC’s Governor’s 2021-22 Budget Webinar

In this members-only webinar, CSDC staff provided a detailed review of Governor Newsom’s proposed 2021-22 state budget, his plan to reopen schools for “in-person” instruction, and other key updates. Specific topics included:

  • Proposed funding rates for 2021-22 for all key funding programs,
  • Buying-down deferrals and related cash flow implications,
  • The governor’s proposals to provide grants for in-person instruction and to mitigate learning loss,
  • Charter-specific policy changes,
  • Funding implications related to attendance accounting, “hold harmless” provisions, and growth funding,
  • Recently approved federal aid to mitigate the impact of COVID-19, and
  • Brief updates on legislation, regulatory, and other key matters.

We explored practical implications of the proposals, the evolving pandemic and vaccination roll-out, initial reaction to the budget, political prospects for budget adoption, and our suggestions for planning and budgeting for this spring and the upcoming fiscal year.

Time for questions and discussion followed brief summary presentations from Eric Premack, CSDC's Executive Director & Founder.


Eric Premack

Executive Director & Founder, Charter Schools Development Center

Eric Premack, Executive Director & FounderEric Premack is the founding Director of CSDC. For over 25 years, Eric has played a leading role in the development and spread of chartered schools, including helping to draft and implement chartered schools policy in over two dozen states, at the federal level, and overseas. He has developed groundbreaking charter school policy, planning, implementation, oversight ...Read more 

Please note: This live online update and subsequent recording access is for CSDC school members only. Members may contact CSDC with any questions at csdc@chartercenter.org or 916-538-6612.

*Please note this webinar is not available to CSDC Vendor members.

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