Accountability and Renewal Trainings

Charter Renewal and the LCAP: Plan Far Ahead

CSDC strongly recommends that charter schools get informed and plan ahead to demonstrate success given a tough new political reality in California. Complex post-AB1505 charter renewal criteria exposes charter schools to new risk, especially those serving students with greater challenges. Even those schools with strong performance data should get informed to optimize the charter renewal process. School leaders should understand the new criteria, both Dashboard- and non-Dashboard based components, preferably a few years in advance so there is ample time to prepare. Many school leaders may not yet be aware of straightforward ways to help their renewal prospects.

Spring Accountability Webinars

To support charter school teams with California’s evolving charter renewal and accountability systems, CSDC offers a series of webinars on the following topics:



Additional and updated members-only accountability training opportunities will be held in Spring 2022. 

Valuable Accountability Resources

  • CSDC’s Guide to AB 1505 Charter Renewal now includes information on verified data assessments, including how the CDE recommends authorizers use each to evaluate “one year’s progress for each year of enrollment.” The updated guide now also includes information on the timeline for years used in track placement and using Dashboard-related “verifiable” data to improve track placement.
  • CSDC’s Distance from Standard (DFS) Calculation Tool makes it easy to convert scale scores to the DFS metric used on the Dashboard. The tool also provides a page to calculate average change in DFS from 2018 to 2019. Finally, the tool provides mean scale scores for student groups used in AB 1505 track placement by grade level.

LCAP Update Webinar


This webinar aims to provide a brief update of the new Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) template and practical guidance on completing the LCAP. The session will identify evolving components of the LCAP since the 2019 template.

CSDC recommends this training to refresh on important points about the LCAP. For those newer to the LCAP, CSDC recommends reviewing the CDE’s new webinars as an introduction to key LCAP components.

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Charter Renewal “Verified Data” Academic Assessments: User Review Panels

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 10 • Grades K-6 Focus
FRIDAY, MARCH 12 • Grades 6-12 Focus
1:30-3:00PM • 90 MINUTES

In November, the State Board of Education identified the list of assessments that can count as “verified data” for purposes of charter renewal on Track 2 (recommended) and Track 3 (required). For schools considered under Track 2 standards, authorizers are required to consider data that meets the criteria as “verified data.” For schools considered under Track 3 standards, authorizers cannot renew schools without “verified data.”

CSDC is coordinating this panel to support those charter schools looking to choose an assessment on the state’s list. Panelists will share discussion on the benefits and challenges of various assessments. To view the list of assessments, see CSDC’s Guide to AB 1505 Charter Renewal. Sign-up for one or both sessions.

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Planning Ahead for AB 1505 Renewal Track Placement

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 31 • 1:30-3:00PM • 90 MINUTES

With strategic planning several years in advance of renewal, more charter schools may be able to achieve the highly desirable Track 1, and most should be able to avoid Track 3. This training aims to support participants to identify strategic areas of focus, specific to their schools, to improve track placement. For each participant registered by March 17, CSDC will provide a worksheet with historical data for their charter school to facilitate analysis. As participants study their schools’ historical data, the webinar will:

  • Briefly review the CDE’s methodology for track placement;
  • Note how the methodology put some charter schools at a relative advantage or disadvantage;
  • Discuss timeline for years used in track placement and using Dashboard-related “verifiable” data to improve track placement;
  • Analyze past data trends with respect to new renewal “targets” (see CSDC’s Renewal Strategy Worksheet); and
  • Set strategic goals to achieve higher renewal track placement.

* Charter schools are subject to “track placement” if the school has two or more Dashboard student groups that historically perform below the state average for “All Students” (Students with Disabilities, English Learners, Socioeconomically Disadvantaged, etc.). This session does not apply to schools that do not meet those criteria or to Dashboard Alternative Status Schools.

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