Leadership Trainings


CSDC offers a comprehensive catalogue of trainings for charter school principals, chief business officers, governing board members, and charter developers. These trainings, combined with our annual statewide leadership conference, provide charter school leaders with invaluable opportunities for professional development, while helping them ensure continual improvement of their schools.

In-Person &

CBO Training Program

  January - May 2023

  Sacramento, CA & Online

A comprehensive 16-week school business management training–with a unique, charter-specific focus.

Leadership Intensive

  June 2023

  Location To Be Announced

A weeklong summer "boot camp" that provides in-depth training on the essential charter school leadership and management topics.

HR Academy

  September 2023

  Location To Be Announced

CSDC's newest in-person training, HR Academy explores the science and art of charter school human resources.


  November 8-10, 2023

  Anaheim, CA

An annual gathering of California's charter school leadership.

On Demand

Online Governance Academy

 On demand webinar

Provides California charter school governing board members with the information they need to effectively oversee their schools.


2023 Governance Webinar Series: Completing the Form 700

  February 22, 2023

  Live Webinar

Get acquainted with the process and schedules. This webinar will provide a detailed overview of the Form 700 Statements of Economic Interest, including commonly used schedules within the form as well as the process for filing.

More Webinars:

  April 29, 2022

  60 minutes

  May 11, 2022

  53 minutes

  December 6, 2021

  56 minutes

Earn Graduate-Level Units

CSDC, in partnership with University of the Pacific/Benerd College, is pleased to provide training participants the opportunity to earn graduate-level credit for completion of CSDC professional development educational experiences. We recognize that the rigor of all our courses are made even more meaningful for participants by ensuring that training time qualifies for graduate-level professional development semester units of credit and for a CSDC certificate or proof of completion. The credits are primarily designed to be used towards career advancement and/or recertification requirements. Learn More