CSDC Membership enables your organization to tap the knowledge, wisdom, and experience we have
gained from over two decades of operations.


Learn why hundreds of charter schools receive support from CSDC through our annual membership program.

Information & Resources

Get timely, trusted analysis you won't find anywhere else.

CSDC Members gain an annual subscription to Charter Currents , which contains critical charter school news, deadlines, analysis, and practical recommendations.

CSDC Members also gain access to CBO Direct, a repository of helpful resources intended for California charter school CFOs, COOs, and fiscal staff.

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FREE Online Trainings & Discounts

Access free and discounted trainings hosted by CSDC's experts.

CSDC Members* enjoy free access to CSDC's online trainings including:

Online Governance Academy – The Governance Academy is a series of online trainings designed to prepare new and veteran board members on topics including compliance with the Brown Act, board development and configuration, and more.

LCAP Webinar – This online training offers expert CSDC analysis and is designed to help California charter school leaders understand the key elements of the new multiple measures accountability system.

Online Start Smart – CSDC’s Start Smart online developer training provides an overview of charter school development, including the basics of petition drafting, charter school approval, school design, founding team development, finance and facilities.

Brown Act Online Training – CSDC’s Brown Act online training is a series of short instructional videos that discuss in-depth the Ralph M. Brown Act. This online training opportunity is a self-paced instructional tutorial that can be done individually at home or viewed as part of a collective board training.

CSDC Members may also save up to 35% on our workshops, multi-day leadership trainings and annual conference.

*Online trainings are not available to CSDC Vendor Members.


Effective Advocacy

Gain an especially effective ally in Sacramento and beyond.

CSDC Members receive effective advocacy on behalf of all charter schools through our long-standing voice at both the state and federal levels.

Did you know that CSDC has maintained a consistent, powerfully-influential, and independent long-term advocacy track record? Learn more about our advocacy achievements by clicking below: 


Individualized Technical Assistance

Add our experts to your speed dial.

CSDC Members receive up to 5 hours of technical assistance, which they may use to have their pressing charter school questions answered by our charter experts via phone or e-mail. 


Charter Jobs

Recruit from the talented charter administrators and instructional staff who visit our website.

List your organization's job descriptions on our job-posting service, Charter Jobs.

CSDC Members gain up to 5 complimentary postings per annual membership term.

Who Joins CSDC?

CSDC Members are comprised of California's charter school movement.

Charter Schools
Hundreds of California charter schools have become CSDC Members to leverage the ongoing operational assistance we provide. In fact, CSDC is mostly supported through this large and growing base of schools, enabling us to dedicate much of our efforts to supporting CSDC Member schools.

Charter School Developers
Have a great idea for an innovative charter school? So, too, do the many developer members who join CSDC to stay apprised of the latest fiscal and policy changes that may affect their development efforts.

Charter School Granting Agencies
Many charter school granting agencies have joined CSDC to ensure that they are providing sound fiscal and policy oversight to the schools in their portfolios.

Charter School Vendors
We also extend CSDC Membership to the many organizations and companies that market their products and services to charter schools. Marketing to charter schools can be a substantially different process than marketing to traditional K-12 public and/or private schools. CSDC Membership helps vendors acclimate themselves to this tricky sector. Please click here to learn more about CSDC Membership for charter school vendors.

Annual Dues

Reasonable annual dues.

For most members, dues represent but 0.01% of the annual operating budget.

CSDC understands that every dollar in your school budget counts. Our modest membership dues are unmatched, and designed to enable most every charter school in California to access our resources. CSDC is committed to maintain highly affordable dues, providing your organization with great benefits—timely analysis, effective and expert advocacy, immediate and in-depth technical assistance, and discounts on trainings—advantages that make CSDC Membership an absolutely indispensable line item in your annual budget.

Your dues help sustain CSDC and grow our services.

As an educational nonprofit, you might be surprised to learn that CSDC is primarily funded not through philanthropy and grants, but, instead, through our broad base of CSDC Member schools and organizations.

In addition to providing you with great members-only benefits, your annual dues also ensure our sustainability and help us grow the services and support we provide to the California charter school movement.

Annual Dues:

  • Charter Schools — $3.00 per student enrolled. $500.00 annual minimum. Please note that the dues calculation must include all affiliated schools in your organization.

  • Charter Management Organizations (CMOs) — Intended for organizations that operate multiple charter schools. $3.00 per student enrolled. $750 annual minimum. Please note that the dues calculation must include all of the schools under your management. 

  • Charter Granting Agencies — Intended for school districts and county offices of education that authorize charter schools. $1,000 for the authorizer and first charter school, plus $100 for each additional charter school. Please note that the dues calculation must include all of the active charters under your authorization.

  • Charter Development Groups — Intended for charter development groups that have not secured approval of their charter petitions. $500 flat rate.

  • Charter School Vendors — CSDC Membership helps your company connect to the large and growing California charter school movement. Please click here to learn more about Vendor Member rates and benefits.

Join or Renew

If your organization is joining for the first time or renewing, please follow the link below corresponding to your organization's membership type. (See above section for rates.)

Charter Schools 
Charter Management Organizations (CMOs) 
Charter Granting Agencies (School Districts or County Offices of Education) 
Charter Development Groups 

Vendor Members are encouraged to visit the Vendor Membership page to learn more and to join or renew.

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