LCAP Webinar

The Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) process continues to evolve, with changes to the template, emerging guidance, and new related processes that aim to unite compliance elements.

Plan for new renewal terms now.

CSDC strongly suggests that charter schools take stock of new renewal criteria. This webinar will help schools start planning strategically now, to be ready in time.

The 2020 LCAP Webinar will take place on Thursday, October 8, 2020 at 11:00AM. This free webinar is available to CSDC School and Authorizer Members only. Please click the button below to register.

Registration is not yet open for this webinar.

Sessions Include

Intro to LCAP: this portion will provide an overview to LCAP basics.

  • The broader role and purpose of LCAP, as compared to other elements of charter school accountability
  • Accountability for the eight state priorities under the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF)
  • The LCAP planning process, not only as a compliance document but as part of a broader continuous improvement process.
  • The LCAP template, including what each section calls for

LCAP Updates: this portion will run through updates and finer points.

  • Changes to the LCAP template, including the new budget overview for parents
  • Finer points of LCAP drafting, highlighting issues that have attracted critical attention and providing emerging guidance, including on the tricky Demonstration of Increased and Improved Services section.
  • Support resources for the LCAP planning process

LCAP Federal Addendum, Performance Indicator Review, and CSI & ATSI: each of these three topics pertains to some but not all charter schools.

  • Schools accepting federal funding must now prepare an LCAP federal addendum by July 1.
  • Due to a recent change, many more LEAs (about 65% of them) now need to complete “Performance Indicator Review” planning requirements.
  • LEAs identified for Comprehensive Support and Improvement or Additional Targeted Support and Improvement must meet specified planning requirements as part of a new federal accountability process.

For more information on drafting LCAPs, please click here.

*Please note this webinar is not available to CSDC Vendor members.

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