2020 Spring Accountability Workshops

About the Workshops

To help charter school teams use California’s accountability systems effectively – and to prepare for a tough new political reality in California – CSDC will offer a variety of “hands-on” training opportunities aimed at deepening an understanding of the California School Dashboard, new charter school renewal criteria, and Local Control Accountability Plans (LCAP). CSDC will announce revised trainings and guidance once we have more information on the revised LCAP, Dashboard, and renewal criteria. 

Why does CSDC recommend most charter schools look at renewal and Dashboard now?

Complex post-AB1505 charter renewal criteria give far more discretion to authorizers. Even schools with strong performance data are now more exposed to risk. School leaders should understand the new criteria, both Dashboard- and non-Dashboard based components, preferably a few years in advance so there is ample time to prepare. Many school leaders may not yet be aware of straightforward ways to help their renewal prospects. 

How should schools prepare now for the LCAP?

CSDC urges school leaders to unpack the criteria sooner rather than later. LCAP and testing requirements for schools are undergoing modifications due to COVID-19.

How will CSDC offer schools accountability support and trainings now?

CSDC is looking at the best ways to continue to offer informed and meaningful guidance to schools. As of April 2, we anticipate offering the following:

  • 2020 LCAP Webinar: Basics – Postponed: We are waiting to hear how the LCAP requirement may be modified this year. When we have updated information about the LCAP requirement, we will post resources and offer guidance as we are able.
  • Dashboard Dive/Renewal Workshops: The Dashboard will be significantly modified this year, with suspension of many state testing requirements in process. This will affect implementation of AB1505 charter renewal statutes, which contain Dashboard-dependent provisions. We will post a Currents article on these changes soon. We anticipate offering Dashboard Dive/Renewal workshops heading into the next school year.
  • Renewing next year? We urge you to contact us directly. Given ambiguity about how charter renewal statutes can be met following July 1, some charter schools may wish to weigh the benefits of submitting renewals in time to have a decision prior to June 30 and apply the current, pre-AB1505 charter renewal criteria.

Interested in knowing when we will be offering accountability-related trainings?

Fill out our interest form to find out when we begin to offer accountability-related trainings, which may include resources designed for CSDC members only and offered through CSDC's resource directory.

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