HR Academy

Program Dates

Fall 2024



Important Dates

Registration will open Fall 2024


While knowledge of the relevant state and federal laws and their applicability to charter schools is critical, your HR team also plays a pivotal role in bringing your charter school’s mission to life.  

When empowered with the right training, your HR team will recruit, onboard and retain top talent, collaborate with leadership to achieve long-term goals, and build an inspirational organizational culture. 

CSDC’s HR Academy has been designed to ensure your team is knowledgeable about critical legal and regulatory compliance, while also providing inspiration for what it might  look like to implement on the ground and in alignment with the mission and vision of your school. 

Why Attend?


Explore the science and the art of charter school HR.

The HR Academy instructional team includes an experienced charter employment law expert and a seasoned charter school HR practitioner. Together, these instructors speak to legal parameters and what they look like in practice.

Stop feeling overwhelmed and start formulating actionable plans.

The policies and regulations that charter schools must comply with are moving targets. HR Academy will help you assess your school’s compliance and develop action plans to get you where you need to be.

Grow your network of awesome charter HR pros.

Charter-specific training means the opportunity to network with other professionals who understand the realities of staff management in a charter school context.


Who Attends?

You have a formal role in HR leadership.

HR Academy will help you optimize your internal processes at each stage of the employment relationship while providing a firm legal context to drive your decision-making process. 

You wear many hats–including HR.

California charter school leaders are responsible for sustaining their schools’ cultures and empowering their teams. If you’re a school leader seeking best practices for employee retention or a business manager tasked with employee onboarding and managing employee files, this program is for you.

You’re new to California charter schools.

We know that many HR pros get their starts in other sectors and industries before transitioning to the public education sector. HR Academy will help you leverage your relevant experience and accelerate up the charter learning curve quickly. 


CSDC's HR Academy gave my school team critical awareness and best practices to maintain and recruit exemplary staff while reducing potential HR liability. The 2-day setting allows for both training and collaboration time with other charter school leaders.

Chris Mahurin

Executive Director, CORE Charter School, Marysville, CA

It was great to finally be able to attend an HR training that is SPECIFIC to charter schools.

Kizmet White

Business Director, New West Charter School, Los Angeles, CA

The HR Academy not only increased my knowledge in the arena of HR, it gave me an opportunity to connect with other charter leaders to learn new strategies and best practices.

Laura Bariel

Teaching & Learning Director, Natomas Charter School, Sacramento, CA

It was great to meet with other charter school members to discuss and share HR practices and requirements!

Trisha Vais

Executive Director, Trivium Charter School Network, Lompoc, CA

I highly recommend CSDC's HR Academy to all charter school HR staff. The information is beneficial to both novice and seasoned HR employees.

Jody Nelson

Administrative Assistant, Shasta View Academy, Alturas, CA


Registration for the 2024 HR Academy will open Sumer 2024. Please contact for additional information.