Jesse Leyva

Advisor and Guest Instructor, CSDC Board Member

Jesse Leyva, Advisor and Guest Instructor, CSDC Board Memberr

Jesse is an educational consultant specializing in compliance, operations, curriculum program development, Career Technical Education, English Language Learner (ELL) support, school leader coaching, new school development, international exchange programs, program articulation, and more. Prior to his work in education consulting, Jesse was a K-12 charter school compliance and operations director for five Kaplan Virtual Education California schools, principal of an Independent Study K-12 hybrid charter school, a virtual high school director, a K-8 small school principal at Solvang School, a state preschool director, a K-6 principal, and a district office administrator for English Language Learners and state and federal programs.

Jesse has a BCLAD teaching credential, an administrative credential, and a MA in Linguistics.

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