Jean Hatch

Advisor and Guest Instructor, CSDC Board Member

Jean Hatch, Advisor and Guest Instructor, CSDC Board Member

Jean, now retired, spent over a decade as the Co-Founder and Co-Director of Redding School of the Arts (RSA), a kindergarten through 8th grade charter school that has been in operation for over a dozen years and is well-known both academically and for its visual and performing arts program. Jean also served as the creator and the director of the Shasta County Charter Schools Special Education Consortium, which serves five charter schools in Shasta County and about 1,400 students. The Consortium and its staff have participated in many national studies and have received honorariums for its work in the area of special education. Jean taught for 23 years prior to starting RSA with her friend, Margaret Johnson.

Jean did her undergraduate work at the University of California at Davis and her graduate studies at San Francisco State University.

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