Green Apple Award

About the Green Apple Charter School Lifetime Leadership Award

As California’s charter schools sector reaches beyond its 25th year, CSDC has noted the recent and upcoming retirements of a significant number of exemplary charter school leaders. CSDC established the Green Apple Award in 2018 to recognize these individuals’ contributions and achievements and to encourage those who follow in their footsteps to continue the tradition.

Criteria for Nomination

2019 Green Apple Award Winners

Eligibility for nomination to receive the Green Apple award is focused on individuals who have retired and have made a significant and lasting contribution toward the success of one or more charter schools as evidenced by the following:

  • Successful service in charter schools for at least 15 years, including at least 10 years in an executive level (e.g., school or CMO executive director, principal, chief business official, etc.).
  • The school(s) led by the individual have met with success, as evidenced by all of the following: (1) increased student achievement, (2) sound financial management, (3) sound operations, and (4) at least one charter renewal during the individual’s leadership tenure

About the Nomination Process

Green Apple Award Winner, Ting Sun

If you know of an accomplished charter school leader who meets the above criteria and has retired, please consider nominating them.

To do so, please complete the form below and briefly summarize key facts to support how the individual nominated meets the above criteria. Awardees will be recognized at the next Annual Leadership Update Conference.

It is CSDC’s intent to continue this as an annual recognition process going forward. For questions or more information, please contact CSDC.

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