New, updated policies related to AB 699, SB 1072, suicide prevention, and more

Date Updated: June 18, 2018

Description: Despite what the weather and calendar might indicate, the 2018-19 school year will be here shortly and in preparation, CSDC has been updating and drafting policies that each charter school board may modify and adopt as part of its governance work.    

Two bills have recently become law and both require that charter schools adopt a new policy by July 2018.

The first is AB 699 (2017) related to immigration and citizenship status. This law mandates that all local education agencies (LEA, including charter schools) in California adopt policies drafted by or similar to those written by the Attorney General. The required policies are broad and cover many topics. As a result, CSDC has amended the following existing policies to ensure compliance with the model policies drafted by the Attorney General’s office:

CSDC has integrated the Attorney General’s suggested language into CSDC’s pre-existing Sample Policies to give our charter schools better, cleaner, more comprehensive policies. It is recommended that schools revise their old policies and adopt the new policies together to ensure the entire set of model policies is reflected in your school’s policies.

The second bill, SB 1072 (2016) requires LEAs to adopt a detailed policy with regard to the use of child safety alert systems on school buses.  CSDC has written this new policy after reviewing the regulations drafted by the California Highway Patrol to address the requirements of the bill:

In addition, we’ve posted policies related to two additional prior bills, one on math placement and one related to the creation of a suicide prevention policy:

CSDC's Sample Charter School Governing Board Policies is a repository of policies California charter schools are required or otherwise ought to have in place.   CSDC’s team of charter experts created these policies so that California charter school leaders would have a starting point for the policy drafting and adoption process. They are a complimentary membership benefit for CSDC member schools.

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