We're Hiring: Seeking Finance and Governance Specialists

Published September 08, 2017 14:14

CSDC is seeking candidates for two newly opened positions: an Education Finance and Policy Specialist and a School Governance and Policy Specialist.

Under general direction from CSDC’s Executive Director, the Education Finance and Policy Specialist will monitor relevant charter school and general education fiscal and policy monitors, publishing fiscal and policy-related updates for CSDC’s member schools. The Education Finance and Policy Specialist will also manage and lead CSDC’s Charter School Business Officer Training Program, assist with on-site school reviews, perform consulting work, and fulfill a number of additional duties and responsibilities outlined in the full job description.

The School Governance and Policy Specialist will research and develop resources, trainings, and tools intended for California charter school governing board members, as well as support CSDC’s policy analysis and advocacy work and publish policy-related updates for CSDC member schools. Additional duties and responsibilities are listed in the full job description.

About CSDC

The nation’s first charter school support and advocacy organization, the Charter Schools
Development Center (CSDC) remains a leading resource center for charter schools. Our
leadership trainings, publications, and consulting services offer our clients the experience
and knowledge of over 20 years of charter school start-up, operational support, and
advocacy. We are recognized as the leading experts in charter school law and policy,
finance, school design, charter authorizing, governance, and personnel. Our staff
members have assisted with the drafting of the charter laws in over 20 states across the
country and play a prominent role in the decision making of school reform policy at both
the state and national level.


Please refer to the listings on CSDC's job posting service, Charter Jobs and contact CSDC should you have any questions about these opportunities.

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