Charter Currents: Performance Indicator Review—Now for all LEAs

Published May 06, 2019 12:38

This spring, hundreds of charter schools are learning about the California Department of Education’s (CDE’s) special education Performance Indicator Review (PIR) process for the first time. PIR is not new, but recent rule changes have dramatically increased the number of affected local education agencies (LEAs). The PIR review process is used to monitor LEA performance on certain special education indicators. LEAs that do not meet state-set targets for these indicators must develop plans for improvement. For some LEAs, a PIR requirement is the second, or even third, new improvement planning process to land on their doorstep this spring. This article will give an overview of PIR, explain why so many more charter schools and other LEAs must now complete PIR Improvement Plans, and provide practical tips on PIR planning. It concludes with a few additional miscellaneous updates on the LCAP Federal Addendum and a CSDC-supported data project for Dashboard Alternative Status schools.


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