Charter Currents: Appellate Court Rules Against Out-of-District-In-County Resource Centers

Published October 21, 2016 17:25

Earlier this week, the Third District Court of Appeal ruled in the Anderson v. Shasta case that charter schools may not operate nonclassroom-based “resource centers” outside of the boundaries of their authorizing district, but within their county. This ruling both reverses the prior lower court ruling in the case and runs counter to over a decade of widely-held common understandings about how the relevant laws govern such resource centers.

In lieu of a written update, CSDC has posted a brief (30 minute) webinar on this important topic to explain the lawsuit, the underlying laws and issues, and the implications for charter schools that operate nonclassroom-based resource centers. We strongly recommend that all charter schools operating facilities to support nonclassroom-based instruction view the webinar and consider the implications for their school(s)...

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