2018 CBO Training: App Closes Tonight

Published January 16, 2018 09:03

Tonight (January 16) is the final deadline to apply for the 2018 Charter Business Officer (CBO) Training Program. This is the only CBO Training Program CSDC will offer during the calendar year—so today is your final opportunity to apply until 2019. Start your application here.

About the CBO Training Program

The CBO Training Program is a comprehensive school fiscal management training with a unique, charter school-specific focus.

The program delves into the key fiscal management skills required of California charter school directors, business officers, governing board treasurers, and charter-granting agency staff members who have significant financial management and/or oversight responsibilities.

The CBO Training Program is designed to keep schools on the right track and to successfully navigate any potential budgetary pitfalls that they may encounter.

Dates and Locations

The full CBO Training Program consists of a series of in-person and online sessions.

In-person trainings will be held at the Hilton Sacramento Arden West. There will be three multi-day, in-person trainings:

  • Monday, February 5 and Tuesday, February 6, 2018
  • Monday, April 2 and Tuesday, April 3, 2018
  • Monday, April 23 through Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Online sessions will be provided to supplement the in-person trainings. Online sessions are hosted via the Blackboard Learn learning management system and consist of multimedia presentations, assignments, and quizzes. Participants are expected to complete these online trainings in preparation for the in-person sessions.


The '18 CBO Training Program modules cover a wide range of fiscal management topics of relevance to California charter school directors, business officers, governing board treasurers, and charter-granting agency staff members.

The '18 CBO Training Program modules include updates to perennial features of the programs (e.g., funding system fundamentals, categorical programs management, cash flow, etc.) as well as the addition of an entirely new module: "Module 16: Financial Management Ethics."

To view the '18 module listing and descriptions, please view the "2018 CBO Training Program Brochure" (PDF).

Please note that the sequence of the modules may not follow the order in which they appear in the brochure or on the program website and that CSDC reserves the right to add, modify, or delete modules as programming requires.

Additional Information

For more information, including 2018 program cost, please visit:


CSDC will review applications on a rolling basis until reaching either program capacity or the final application deadline of Tuesday, January 9 , 2018.

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