2017 CA Charter Schools Conference: Top Picks for CFOs and Board Treasurers

Published October 11, 2017 09:23

An annual destination for California charter school CFOs and governing board treasurers, the California Charter Schools Leadership Update Conference (November 16-17, 2017 in San Diego, CA) features a variety of timely and informative sessions of interest to charter school fiscal personnel.

Included below is a listing of relevant sessions as well as details for registering by the October 27 regular registration deadline.

Selected Sessions

Listed below are the sessions most relevant to California charter school fiscal staff.

CSDC's 2017 Leadership Update Presentation


Presented by Eric Premack, Executive Director, Charter Schools Development Center

One of 8 Extended Workshops & Trainings from which attendees may choose, this information-packed, 3.75-hour presentation provides charter school leaders with all of the key information they need to stay current on charter policy, finance, accountability, and practice matters. The presentation is valued for its unfiltered, hard-hitting, bottom-line coverage of vital topics, including, but not limited to ... MORE

Charter Finance Update

Presented by Eric Premack, Executive Director, Charter Schools Development Center

This perennial favorite picks up where the prior day’s Leadership Update presentation left off, providing more detailed information and analysis of key finance, cash flow and budget matters. Premack will address updates and tips related to the Local Control Funding Formula, changes to the state’s lease aid funding program, prospects for near- and long-term funding, how to prepare for ... MORE

Charter Schools Finance 101

Presented by Joyce L. Montgomery, Chief Financial Officer, Summit Public Schools

This session is ideal for business managers of new charter schools, as well as board members and other school leaders responsible for the fiscal health of their charter schools. This introduction to California charter schools finance will focus on core funding streams, including an overview of the California school finance system and Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF). We will review ... MORE

Fundraising 101: A Guide to Financial Development for Proposed and New Charter Schools

Presented by Mallory Dwinal, Founder & CEO, Oxford Day Academy

Fundraising is critical to charter authorization as well as a successful school launch, but it’s not always clear when and how school founders can secure these funds. This presentation will demonstrate how to better fundraise in the time leading up to charter authorization, after authorization and before launch, and immediately after ... MORE

Charter School Facilities Options and Funding Opportunities

Presented by Sonali Tucker, Executive Director, Public Policy Charter School, and Eileen Logue, School Business Director, Charter School Management Corporation (CSMC)

This session will discuss the facilities options available to charter schools, including Prop 39 sites, leasing a private site, sharing space in churches or similar facilities, purchasing a facility, or hiring a developer who will purchase and lease to a school (often with an option to buy). Attendees will also learn about the various options for ... MORE

Getting the Best Value for School Facilities

Presented by Sarah Kollman, Partner, Young, Minney & Corr, LLP

Facilities are typically the single largest expense in a school budget after personnel. This workshop will help attendees learn how to save costs through better lease negotiations, minimize the cost of facilities loans, and maximize opportunities to obtain funding streams that can reduce facilities costs. Attendees will learn ... MORE

From Crickets to Candor: How to Present Financial Reports to Boards and Committees

Presented by Joyce L. Montgomery, Chief Financial Officer, Summit Public Schools

Do your board reports elicit questions and comments from your board or finance committee? Does your board glaze over at the thought of diving into pages and pages of financial information? This session is designed to assist business professionals to improve their financial presentations when working with their boards and committees. The outcome of this session is to ... MORE

Unlawful Financial Conduct in the Charter School Setting

Presented by Paul Minney, Firm Principal, Young, Minney & Corr, LLP and Jerry W. Simmons, Partner, Young, Minney & Corr, LLP

Schools and school leaders are increasingly facing the threat of state audits, FCMAT audits, Attorney General investigations, Office of Inspector General investigations, and criminal prosecutions for allegedly unlawful uses of charter school funds for activities that many charter schools consider routine business. These allegations have led to ... MORE

Charter School Finance for Board Members

Presented by Karl Yoder, Chief Financial Officer, Delta Managed Solutions, Inc.

As a board member, you’re expected to make critical financial decisions for your school. This session boils down the confusing and complex world of charter school finance into exactly what you need to focus on, including what reports to request from staff/consultants, red flags to watch out for, and how to effectively plan for future unknowns ... MORE

Preparing for Your Audit

Presented by Amita Parikh, Client Manager, EdTec Inc. and James Rotherham, Partner-in-Charge, Squar Milner

Your school’s audit is a hefty task that you need to tackle year after year. With new requirements around Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) and one-time funding, preparing for this year’s audit can be overwhelming. Alleviate your anxiety by equipping yourself with the right knowledge. Learn directly from the auditors how to effectively implement ... MORE

About the Conference

Held every fall as charter leaders return to their campuses, CSDC's annual statewide charter conference, the Charter Schools Leadership Update, is designed to provide California's charter school movement with the skills and knowledge it will need to thrive during the school year ahead.

To achieve this goal, CSDC places an emphasis on training, offering a variety of extended trainings and workshops. We schedule dozens of high-quality, no "fluff" breakout sessions. We provide ample formal and informal networking opportunities. And we invite thought-provoking guest speakers to discuss their perspective on the latest, "hot button" charter issues.


Regular registration is open now through October 27, 2017. Rates increase during the late registration period beginning October 28.

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