2017 CA Charter Schools Conference: 5 Sessions for Teachers Stepping into Leadership Roles

Published October 25, 2017 09:53

If your school is starting new administrators this year or if you have assumed greater leadership responsibilities yourself, you need not wait until CSDC's summer Leadership Intensive ( There are plenty of sessions of use to new school leaders at this year's California Charter Schools Leadership Update Conference (November 16-17 in San Diego).

Below is a handful of sessions that will help ease the transition for new leaders and enable them to make an impact during the school year ahead.

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Sessions for New School Leaders

Listed below are the 2017 conference sessions that might be of most interest to new administrators and/or teachers assuming greater leadership responsibilities:


25th Anniversary Panel

New school leaders will receive the wisdom and guidance of a number of veteran California charter school leaders who will gather to share their most insightful observations and key lessons learned in their 25 years of experience on the cutting-edge. Panelists include CSDC's Executive Director, Eric Premack; the Altus Model for Organizational Leadership's Founder, Mary Searcy Bixby; and The Accelerated Schools' Founder and CEO, Johnathan Williams. MORE



CSDC's 2017 Leadership Update Presentation

Presented by Eric Premack, Executive Director, Charter Schools Development Center

A comprehensive briefing of the latest school fiscal, policy, and accountability changes poised to affect your charter school, CSDC's 2017 Leadership Update Presentation—presented by CSDC Executive, Eric Premack—provides the fine-grained analysis and broad context you will need to make major strategic decisions for your school. MORE



Charter Schools Finance 101

Presented by Joyce L. Montgomery, Chief Financial Officer, Summit Public Schools

This introduction to California charter schools finance will focus on core funding streams, including an overview of the California school finance system and Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF). This session will be presented by Joyce L. Montgomery, who has taught and lead CSDC's comprehensive, 60+ hour Charter Business Officer Training Program ( MORE


The New California School Dashboard 101: Charter-Specific Guidance

Presented by Susanne Coie, Development Services Manager, Charter Schools Development Center

The California School Dashboard is now the centerpiece of the state accountability system. The Dashboard calculates and publicly posts data on quality for schools and districts. The Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) template requires at least some linkage to Dashboard data. High stakes accountability will ... MORE


Coaching and Feedback for School Leader Effectiveness

Presented by Ken Greenbaum, Director of Academics, KIPP San Diego

Systematic coaching and feedback are critical to fulfilling school and district visions because they change and improve educator behaviors. This session will provide participants with practice-based professional development in instructional coaching and feedback for teacher-leaders and systems-level leaders alike. Participants will produce actionable plans to... MORE

About the Conference

Held every fall as charter leaders return to their campuses, CSDC's annual statewide charter conference, the Charter Schools Leadership Update, is designed to provide California's charter school movement with the skills and knowledge it will need to thrive during the school year ahead.

To achieve this goal, CSDC places an emphasis on training, offering a variety of extended trainings and workshops. We schedule dozens of high-quality, no "fluff" breakout sessions. We provide ample formal and informal networking opportunities. And we invite thought-provoking guest speakers to discuss their perspective on the latest, "hot button" charter issues.

Regular Registration Closes Soon

Regular registration closes Friday. Rates increase during the late registration period beginning October 28.

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