2016 Leadership Institute: Final weekend to submit your priority application

Published March 11, 2016 14:46

The priority application window for this year's California Charter Schools Leadership Institute (held June 19-24, 2016 in Marshall, CA) is set to close next week at midnight on Tuesday, March 15.

Apply now to have the best chance of being admitted to this program, which has trained hundreds of California principals, administrators, and board members over its 17-year history.


Why should I apply during the priority round?

In short, selectivity. We generally receive fewer applications in the priority round than we do in the subsequent regular application round (closing May 13), meaning that the admission rate during the priority round is much higher than it will be in May.

Also, at this time in the year, we know most charter leaders are already making their plans for the summer. If you are admitted during the priority round, you can block this week off on your calendar and make your travel plans well in advance of the event, locking-in your flight and transportation before rates increase.

Plus, if you're not admitted, you will get the benefit of a second review during the regular application round.


How many people are admitted during the priority round?

Of the 50 seats available at this year's Institute, CSDC will likely admit between 15 and 20 participants during the priority application round.


Why should I attend?

You'll receive comprehensive training on the essential charter school topics.

The goal of the Leadership Institute is to provide attendees with the knowledge, skills, and professional networks that we have seen the most successful charter leaders utilize during our twenty-year history. To this end, CSDC staff and expert guest presenters will provide trainings on a wide range of essential charter topics, like accountability, renewal, legal issues, special education, collective bargaining, personnel, authorizer relationships, governance, finance, facilities, and more.

...and do so in a beautiful, relaxed setting.

CSDC has hosted the Institute at a variety of attractive locations, including a mountain resort in Lake Tahoe, a hotel beside the Berkeley Marina, and, now, a peaceful coastal retreat on the Tomales Bay—the perfect setting to take in a variety of trainings and build connections with fellow California charter school leaders. .

..all at a fraction of the actual cost.

Thanks to generous philanthropic support, the participant fee at this year's Leadership Institute is only $895.00 per person. The fee includes the cost of registration, materials, and presentations, as well as all meals and five nights of double occupancy (same sex) lodging at the Marconi Conference Center. (Participants are expected to pay the costs of their own travel to and from the conference center as well as any incidentals.)


We start reviewing applications on Wednesday. Will we have the privilege of reviewing yours?

The priority application for this year's program closes on Tuesday, March 15, 2016.

Get started on your application by clicking below:


Applications not approved in the priority round will be considered in the regular round. The final application deadline is Friday, May 13, 2016. We look forward to reviewing your application!

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