2020 Spring Accountability Workshops

About the Workshops

To help charter school teams use California’s accountability systems effectively – and to prepare for a tough new political reality in California – this “hands-on” workshop aims to deepen understanding of the California School Dashboard, new charter school renewal criteria, and Local Control Accountability Plans (LCAP). Join CSDC and our School Accountability and Development Specialist, Susanne Coie, for the 2020 Dashboard Dive and LCAP Update workshops. Participants can sign up for a morning workshop on post AB 1505 charter renewal criteria and Dashboard data dive, an afternoon workshop on LCAP planning, or a full-day on both. Workshops will be held in-person throughout California in the following locations: Redding, Sacramento, the Bay Area, Fresno, Ventura, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

Why does CSDC recommend most charter schools look at renewal and Dashboard now?

Complex post AB 1505 charter renewal criteria give far more discretion to authorizers. Even schools with strong performance data are now more exposed to risk. School leaders should understand the new criteria, both Dashboard- and non-Dashboard based components, preferably a few years in advance so there is ample time to prepare. Many school leaders may not yet be aware of straightforward ways to help their renewal prospects. CSDC urges school leaders to unpack the criteria sooner rather than later.

Workshop activities will prompt school teams to scrutinize school and student subgroup performance on the Dashboard relative to charter renewal “targets.” Attendees will parse the data to determine a strategic plan: what metrics to address, for which students, on what timeline. Attendees will also consider what non-Dashboard data to track and how to make their case with data.

Dashboard and Renewal Content: 

In the morning, the workshop will:

  • review calculations for each Dashboard indicator;
  • explore dynamics of each Dashboard indicator, including how even small changes affect performance levels;
  • look at typical range of performance for schools and subgroups;
  • consider CALPADS reporting strategies and missteps;
  • review new charter renewal criteria;
  • examine school-to-state data comparisons, now key to renewal;
  • provide a structure for teams to analyze 2019 Dashboard data alongside that criteria and discuss with teams from similar schools; and
  • prompt schools to outline strategic priorities

Why deepen your LCAP skills? 

Charter and non-charter administrators alike have often completed LCAPs without fully understanding the document’s structure and key points of compliance. With LCAPs receiving more attention, and at the start of a new three-year cycle, Spring 2020 is a great time to invest in “getting it right.”

LCAP Content:

In the afternoon, the workshop will:

  • walk through the new LCAP template and related requirements;
  • provide guidance on compliance and purpose of each section;
  • link LCAP planning to strategic priorities identified in the morning session; and
  • provide time for schools to outline new goals and actions and to discuss with attendees from similar schools.


The workshop will alternate between content presentations and hands-on work time with the Dashboard, renewal criteria, and LCAP template. Participants will be encouraged to work with their own school teams and have small groups discussions with colleagues from like schools.

Who should attend? 

Any charter school staff, authorizers, or board members seeking to build on their fundamental knowledge in these areas. We especially urge school leaders and key collaborators on data, program planning, and the LCAP to attend. Please note that large portions of the renewal criteria do not apply to Dashboard Alternative Status Schools (DASS). Also, schools that have little or no information on the Dashboard may find the Dashboard walk-throughs less useful.

What should participants have for background knowledge?

This is not an introductory-level workshop. The workshop will assume that participants have previously spent time exploring their school’s Dashboard and the underlying 5x5 tables (bonus points for exploring the Dashboard Technical Guide). The workshop will also assume that participants are familiar with the structure of previous LCAP template and have a basic understanding of its purpose. The new LCAP template will post in early February 2020.


  • 8:30AM Check-in for Dashboard Dive Workshop or whole day
  • 9:00AM-12:00PM Dashboard Dive Workshop
  • 12:00PM-12:30PM Lunch
  • 12:30PM Check-in for LCAP Update Workshop
  • 12:45PM-3:45PM LCAP Update Workshop


  • March 2, 2020: Sacramento, CA
    • Sacramento Office of Education—10474 Mather Blvd., Mather, CA 92826
  • March 3, 2020: Oakland, CA
    • The Oakland Center at Cal State East Bay—1000 Broadway, Ste. 109, Oakland, CA 94607
  • March 4, 2020: Redding, CA
    • The McConnell Foundation—800 Shasta View Drive, Redding, CA 96003
  • April 15, 2020: San Diego, CA
    • High Tech High—2150 Cushing Road, San Diego, CA 92106-6025
  • April 16, 2020: Los Angeles, CA
    • Los Angeles County Office of Education—9300 E. Imperial Hwy., Downey, CA 90242
  • April 21, 2020: Fresno, CA
    • Pardini's Catering—22576 W. Shaw Avenue, Fresno, CA 93711
  • April 22, 2020: Ventura, CA
    • Ventura County Office of Education—5100 Adolfo Road, Camarillo, CA 93012


  • Individuals
    • Nonmembers: $115 per half day session, $230 for full day (includes lunch)
    • Members: $85 per half day session, $170 for full day (includes lunch)
  • 10% discount for groups of 3 or more
    • Nonmembers: $103.50 per half day session, $207 for full day (includes lunch) per person
    • Members: $76.50 per half day session, $152 for full day (includes lunch) per person

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