2017 Charter Schools Leadership Intensive

June 27-30, 2017

Hilton Garden Inn Orange County Airport
2381 Morse Ave, Irvine, CA 92614
Priority Application Deadline: March 22, 2017
Final Application Deadline: May 19, 2017

Receive comprehensive training
on the essential charter school
leadership topics.


The Charter Schools Leadership Intensive is a four-day "boot camp" designed to provide California charter school leaders with in-depth trainings on the key areas of successful charter school management, including data and accountability, finance, leadership, charter school law and legal issues, special education, governance and more.

The Intensive is particularly intended for newly hired school administrators (especially those new to a CA charter context), teachers recently promoted to leadership roles, and staff of newly granted CA charter schools. 

The Intensive is the latest iteration of CSDC’s long-time summer program, the Charter Schools Leadership Institute. The Intensive condenses the Institute’s 6-day schedule into a compact 4-day format and shifts the venue to a convenient location in order to increase the accessibility of the training while still offering a highly informative and highly engaging training program. 

Given the rigor of the material taught, as well as the lasting bonds that are formed between participants, it is little wonder that many participants find the Leadership Intensive deserving of its nickname, the “charter school boot camp.”

Why Attend?

Receive comprehensive training on the
essential charter topics.

The goal of the Leadership Intensive is to provide attendees with the knowledge, skillsets, and professional networks that we have seen the most successful charter leaders utilize during our twenty-year history. To this end, CSDC staff and expert guest presenters provide trainings on a wide range of essential charter topics, like accountability, renewal, legal issues, special education, collective bargaining, personnel, authorizer relationships, governance, finance, facilities, and more.

Build a lasting professional network.

Networking at the Leadership Intensive can be a great way for attendees to build professional communities that will provide support in their current roles or open doors to opportunities within the broader charter school movement.

Dates, Location & Travel

Tuesday, June 27 - Friday, June 30, 2017

The Leadership Intensive "bootcamp" begins on Tuesday, June 27 and concludes on Friday, June 30, 2017. Recommended arrival and departure times will be provided to admitted participants as the event nears.


Hilton Garden Inn Irvine/Orange County
2381 Morse Avenue
Irvine, CA 92614
(949) 224-3900

Getting to the Event

Arriving via Air • The nearest airport is John Wayne Airport, which is located less than 2 miles from the Hilton Garden Inn. View on Google Maps.

Complimentary Airport Shuttle • The Hilton Garden Inn provides a complimentary shuttle to and from John Wayne Airport. Shuttle service begins at 5:00AM and arrives/departs approximately every 30 minutes until 10:00PM at night.

Parking • Self-parking at the Hilton is available for free to day guests. Overnight guests of the Hilton Garden Inn pay $15.00/day.

Staying for the Event

Event programming begins on the morning of the 27th, so out-of-town participants are advised to check into their hotels on June 26.

For convenience, CSDC recommends that attendees stay at the program venue, the Hilton Garden Inn, but attendees are welcome to stay at any nearby hotel of their choosing.

Staying at the Hilton Garden Inn Irvine • To reserve a room at the Hilton Garden Inn Irvine, please click here.

Other nearby options include the Wyndham Irvine-Orange County Airport (0.3mi), Emabssy Suites Orange County Airport (0.4mi), and Hotel Irvine (1.1mi).

Topics & Schedule

The Leadership Intensive features a range of in-depth sessions, guest speakers, case studies, and group activities that address a broad range of key charter school leadership concepts and skills. The pace of the Intensive is fast, intense, and engaging.

Session Descriptions

Successful charter leaders are known for their ability to “wear many hats.” CSDC designed the Charter Schools Leadership Intensive with these school leaders in mind. View descriptions for a sampling of Leadership Intensive sessions here:



The 2017 schedule is under development. Please join the 2017 Leadership Intensive Mailing List to receive the latest information.

Who Should Apply?

The Intensive is designed for and targeted at new and experienced California charter school principals and other school leaders who have direct responsibility for overseeing and managing a broad range of responsibilities at their schools, specifically:

Newly hired administrators—especially those
new to CA charters

Many California charter school leaders send their newly hired leadership personnel to receive “crash course” training on the numerous core competencies required of successful charter school leaders. The Leadership Intensive is designed specifically for California charter school leaders—so leaders coming from out-of-state, private, and traditional public schools (or from other professional backgrounds) will receive the customized training they need to successfully lead their schools.

Teachers recently promoted to leadership roles

Promoting your own teachers can be an effective way to fill administrative roles because these staff really understand your school’s culture and instructional program.  The learning curve, however, is typically very steep during this transitioning.  Ensure that your newly promoted instructional staff have the proper training in school operations (e.g., human resources, legal, finance, etc.) to succeed in their new roles.

Staff of newly granted schools

The Leadership Intensive is also ideal for schools recently approved by their local authorizing agencies and/or schools slated to open their doors this (or next) school year. The Leadership Intensive provides attendees from these schools with the latest practicable information on a variety of critical topics, as well as the opportunity to identify and address any potential gaps in their team's collective knowledge—all before the school goes fully operational in the fall.

Program Cost

The fee for the 2017 Leadership Intensive is $1,485.00 for CSDC Members and $1,785.00 for non-members. The fee covers registration, materials, and presentations for the four-day Intensive. Participants are expected to pay the costs of their own travel, meals, and lodging, as well as any incidentals.


Admittance to the 2017 Leadership Intensive is limited to a maximum of 50 participants and is granted by competitive application. Applicants may (and are encouraged to) submit their applications well in advance of the deadline. Confirmed attendees will be notified and sent additional information after each acceptance round. We strongly encourage applicants with culturally diverse backgrounds and or those who will be leading schools serving at-risk students. If you have any questions about the application, please do not hesitate to call or email us.

Application Process

To be considered for admission, you must complete each of the three steps below:

  1. Complete the online application. Please allow 20-30 minutes to complete the application in full.

  2. Download, read, and sign the "Statement of Intent to Participate." Return your signed "Statement" to CSDC via fax (916.471.0155) or scan and attach to an email addressed to csdc@chartercenter.org. You may also mail your "Statement" with payment as noted in step 3 (below).

  3. Mail payment (check) for your registration fees of $1,485.00 per person (for CSDC Member schools) or $1,785.00 per person (for non-members) to the Charter Schools Development Center; 817 14th Street, Suite 300; Sacramento, CA 95814. If your school wishes to send multiple applicants, please send a separate check for each applicant.

Please note that

  • payments will not be deposited until applicant is accepted into the program and has confirmed their participation. Any denied or unconfirmed applicants will have their checks voided.
  • credit card payments are not accepted.

Priority Application Deadline • March 22, 2017

To receive priority consideration, please submit all application materials (application, statement of intent, and payment) to CSDC no later than 11:59PM on Wednesday, March 22, 2017. Priority round applicants will be notified of their admission status via email within 1-2 weeks. Applicants not admitted during the priority round will have their applications deferred to the regular round (below).

Final Application Deadline • May 19, 2017

For consideration, please submit all aapplication materials (application, statement of intent, and payment) to CSDC no later than 11:59PM on Friday, May 19, 2017. Applications submitted after this date will not likely be considered.

Cancellation Policy

Applicants are accepted to the Intensive on the condition that they have an active, full-time role in the leadership of the school or district under which they are applying. Applicants who are no longer employed by the organization under which they applied will not be eligible for the Intensive and any fees associated with the cancellation of their application will be applied.

Cancellations must be made to CSDC in writing. The cancellation policy applies to those individuals who cancel after they have already been accepted and have committed to the Intensive. Those who cancel by June 8, 2017, will be refunded the total minus a $250 cancellation fee; however, those who cancel after June 8, 2017, will not be reimbursed. Those who do not attend the Intensive will not be eligible to receive Intensive materials. If you have any questions about this policy, please contact CSDC.

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