2017 LCFF Dashboard Data Webinar

To help California charter schools understand key elements of the new multiple measures accountability system, CSDC has created a new online learning module, the “LCFF Dashboard Data Webinar.”

The webinar provides analysis not found elsewhere, including considerations about the new state indicators of particular significance for charter school accountability.

The webinar, which is available now on an on-demand basis, addresses a number of key charter school accountability questions. For example:

  • What does the Dashboard mean for your charter school?  How well do the indicators reflect student learning at your charter school? 
  • How are the indicators calculated?  Do they accurately reflect student achievement at your charter school? Do you have alternative measures that provide a fuller picture of student achievement and growth over time?
  • Are you prepared to tell your charter school’s story?  What does your Dashboard data mean for LCAP and charter goal setting?
  • How well do you understand the minimal performance thresholds?  Do you understand the potential high stakes for charters embedded in the new multi-staged accountability sequence?

This webinar is available to CSDC Members at no additional cost. To gain access to the webinar, please first complete a brief registration form. Within one business day of receiving your registration form, CSDC will verify your organization’s membership status and provide instructions for signing into the webinar.


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