Accountability and LCAP Strategies Workshop

About the Workshop

The school accountability system in the state of California is undergoing substantial changes at a rapid pace. The degree of complexity has never been higher—and so too are the stakes at odds for California public charter schools.

With these challenges in mind, CSDC created the Accountability & LCAP Strategies Workshop, which helps participants best position their schools for success on the new metrics while also keeping school accountability meaningful and manageable.

Schools serving more challenged populations–and alternative schools–may have the greatest need, but all schools have a new set of considerations. For example, how will the new online California School Dashboard reflect schools’ effectiveness? How can school leaders lessen the administrative burden of new progress tracking? And could the new structure impact schools’ long-term survival?

Join us as we bring these key issues into sharper focus, providing you with a clear idea of needed action steps for your school.

Who Should Attend?

The Accountability & LCAP Strategies Workshop is designed for senior school administrators and leaders (e.g., principals, executive directors, CFOs, governing board members, etc.) who have substantial involvement with their schools' LCFF, LCAP, and other key accountability matters.

This workshop is particularly intended for those schools that are currently thinking-through the many layers of the new accountability system. For example:

  • Does your leadership staff understand the new high stakes, publicly reported multiple measures replacing the API?
  • Do you understand the new multi-stage sequence of assistance, including automatic triggers for authorizer and state engagement?
  • Do the charter petition and Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) include strategically developed goals? Do they exclude or modify performance indicators to reflect how the Local Control Funding Formula’s (LCFF) “state priorities” apply to the school’s program?
  • Are you ready to analyze performance on new multiple measures and develop concrete plans to (1) get the "easy ones" and (2) improve performance on the trickier ones?
  • Where the state's new measures may not reflect your school's strengths, is your school getting ahead of the data story? Are you tracking progress on measures that are meaningful for your school and documenting evidence of growth?
  • Given potentially burdensome new accountability tasks, are you streamlining and investing time where it counts most?
Dates & Locations

This workshop is updated and held each year during the Fall Leadership Update Conference.

The dates and locations for the next series of workshops have yet to be confirmed. In the meanwhile, we recommend that you join the Accountability & LCAP Workshop mailing list (below) to receive the latest news as it becomes available.


The dates and locations for the next series of workshops have yet to be confirmed. In the meanwhile, we recommend that you join the Accountability & LCAP Workshop mailing list:

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