2020 Leadership Intensive

2019 Leadership Intensive

Summer 2020

The Murieta Inn and Spa, Rancho Murieta, CA

Applications are not yet being accepted for the 2020 Leadership Intensive. The application window will open on March 2, 2020.

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Receive comprehensive training
on the essential charter school
leadership topics.


The Leadership Intensive (LI) is CSDC’s highly informative and engaging summer training program. LI offers new and veteran school leaders an opportunity to gain comprehensive training on essential charter topics including finance, policy, facilities, special education, personnel, and more. This annual, 4-day intensive training offers both advanced content for veteran charter school leaders as well as sessions tailored to those new to the charter arena or to charter school administration. Given the rigor of the material taught, as well as the lasting bonds that are formed between participants, many find the Leadership Intensive deserving of its nickname, the “charter school boot camp.”

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Why Attend?

Receive comprehensive training on the
essential charter school topics.

The goal of the Leadership Intensive is to provide attendees with the knowledge, skillsets, and professional networks that we have seen the most successful charter leaders utilize during our 25+ years of operation. To this end, CSDC staff and expert guest presenters provide trainings on a wide range of essential charter topics, like accountability, renewal, legal issues, special education, collective bargaining, personnel, authorizer relationships, governance, finance, facilities, and more.

Build a lasting professional network.

Networking at the Leadership Intensive can be a great way for attendees to build professional communities that will provide support in their current roles or open doors to opportunities within the broader charter school movement.

Learn from California's charter school experts

  • Eric Premack, Executive Director & Founder, CSDC
  • Susanne Coie, Accountability and Development Specialist, CSDC
  • Caitlin O'Halloran, Charter School Governance & Policy Specialist, CSDC
  • Jennifer McQuarrie, Guest Instructor & Principal at Law Office of Jennifer McQuarrie
  • Joyce Montgomery, Guest Instructor & Chief Business Officer of Summit Public Schools
  • Beryl Nelson, Guest Instructor & Consultant
  • Gary Bowman, Guest Instructor & Executive Director of California Montessori Project
  • Jody Graf, Guest Instructor & Executive Director of Visions In Education
  • Ting Sun, Guest Instructor, Co-Founder & Executive Director of Natomas Charter School
  • Laurie Inman, Guest Instructor & Chair of Liberal Studies at CSUDH

Dates, Location & Travel

June 29-July 2, 2020

The 2020 Leadership Intensive will be held in Rancho Murieta, CA at the Murieta Inn and Spa. 

The registration fee covers program tuition but does not include the cost of travel or lodging. CSDC will provide lunch for each day of the Intensive; however, participants are expected to arrange for and pay the costs of all other meals, travel, and lodging.

Participants must attend all sessions and should book travel accordingly, arriving by 8:00AM on Monday, June 29 and departing no earlier than 6:00PM on Thursday, July 2, 2020.

Topics & Schedule

Because successful charter school leaders must have the ability to “wear many hats," CSDC programs the Leadership Intensive with a wide array of topics. While programming may vary somewhat year-to-year, the Leadership Intensive generally covers such topics as:

  • Collective bargaining
  • Data and accountability
  • Facilities
  • Finance
  • Governance
  • Laws and legal issues
  • Leadership
  • Nonclassroom-Based Instruction
  • Special education

Sample Schedule

Who Should Apply?

LI is designed for and targeted at new and experienced California charter school principals and school leaders who have direct responsibility for overseeing and managing a broad range of responsibilities at their schools, including:

Experienced charter school leaders

LI session topics are offered in both beginning and advanced formats. Specific LI sessions have been added and are tailored to challenge experienced charter school leaders in need of deeper training.

Administrators new to the CA charter context

LI provides leaders coming from out-of-state, private, and traditional public schools (or from other professional backgrounds) with the customized training they need to successfully transition to their roles as California public charter school leaders.

Teachers recently promoted to leadership roles

LI ensures that newly-promoted instructional staff have the proper training in school operations (e.g., human resources, legal, finance, etc.) to succeed in their new roles.

Staff of newly granted charter schools

LI provides attendees from newly-granted charter schools with the latest practical information on a variety of critical topics, as well as the opportunity to identify and address knowledge gaps—all before their schools go fully operational in the fall.

Program Cost
  • Organizations with an active CSDC Membership pay $1,885 per participant
  • Organizations without* an active CSDC Membership pay $2,685 per participant

Program fees cover registration, materials, presentations, lunch on each day of the in-person trainings, and an evening cocktail reception the first evening, and specific networking events.

Lodging, food (besides lunch), and travel expenses are not included in the program fees. CSDC arranges for a room block at the hosting hotel, but participants are responsible for their own reservations.


Applications are not yet being accepted for the 2020 Leadership Intensive.

Please join the 2020 Leadership Intensive Email List to receive the latest updates on applying for next year.

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