Data & Accountability Services

About our Data & Accountability Services

CSDC supports charter schools and charter-granting agencies with accountability demands in several ways:

  • Members can access our guide to petition updates for renewal charter petitions.
  • Charter schools and charter-granting agencies can contract for services for customized support with charter renewal, including review of the charter petition and demonstration of how minimum renewal thresholds are met.
  • CSDC continually updates the charter school community on latest accountability changes through Currents newsletters and sessions at the Leadership Intensive, the Leadership Update conference, and other events.
  • CSDC runs several professional learning networks related to data and accountability, including one for DASS schools, which has led to the DASS Growth Data Pilot, described below.

DASS Growth Data Pilot

Dashboard Alternative Status Schools (DASS) face a common challenge, lacking ways to evaluate their student progress against similar comparators. How should students have performed? Is performance higher and lower, compared to DASS schools with similar programs? Comparative data is helpful for internal understanding and for external accountability purposes. Many DASS schools want more robust ways to set their school performance in context.To address this challenge, a group of DASS charter school networks is collaborating on a pilot project to compare student growth on benchmark assessments. CSDC is facilitating this work through a Professional Learning Network (PLN) supported by the California Consortium for Educational Excellence (CCEE). Broadly, these CCEE-funded PLNs aim to strengthen the use of the California School Dashboard and Local Control Accountability Plans as tools for continuous improvement. The DASS members of the PLN were unified in their strong feeling that the most important “improvement project” to their school would be development of comparative data. ... Read more.

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