Who We Are

Eric Premack

Executive Director & Founder


Eric Premack is the founding Director of CSDC. For over 25 years, Eric has played a leading role in the development and spread of chartered schools, including helping to draft and implement chartered schools policy in over two dozen states, at the federal level, and overseas. He has developed groundbreaking charter school policy, planning, implementation, oversight ... Read more

Stephanie Schwuchow

Director of Operations


Stephanie Schwuchow is the Director of Operations at CSDC and has been involved in the charter school movement since 2002. Stephanie leads CSDC’s organizational strategy in operations, finance, human resources, marketing, and technology.  She oversees the planning and execution of all client services including leadership trainings and events, membership, consulting ... Read more

Susanne Coie

School Accountability and Development Specialist


Susanne Coie is the School Accountability and Development Specialist at CSDC. Susanne works closely with new charter school developers as well as operating charter schools seeking accountability support. She assists with charter petition reviews, financial plan development, grant reviews, governing board development, charter school law, regulation ... Read more

Caitlin O'Halloran

Charter School Governance and Policy Specialist


Caitlin O’Halloran is the Governance and Policy Specialist at CSDC.  Caitlin leads the development and delivery of CSDC’s Governance offering, including our Online Governance Academy, and is CSDC’s main point of contact for matters relating to governance, advocacy, policy and other charter school leadership topics.  Caitlin began her career working for legislators ... Read more

Position Opening: Charter School Finance and Policy Specialist

CSDC is seeking a Charter School Finance and Policy Specialist to join our team of expert charter school specialists and lead the development and delivery of our CBO Training Program as well as other CSDC fiscal resources, policy analysis, workshops and trainings.  Engage with new and veteran business leaders in the charter school community and help them succeed through comprehensive training, support and guidance ... Read more

Leslie Loy

Training and Events Coordinator

Leslie Loy leads the planning and implementation of CSDC’s leadership trainings and events, including our Fall Leadership Update Conference, CBO Training Program, Leadership Intensive, Governance Academy and other CSDC workshops and trainings.  Leslie is the administrator for CSDC’s BlackBoard online learning management system, and also assists with website and ... Read  more

Anna Shchur

Business Manager

Anna Shchur is CSDC’s Business Manager.  Anna manages all accounting, bookkeeping and reporting, and also provides support for a variety of other back office needs, including assistance with our membership ... Read more

Debbie Brown

Office Assistant

Debbie Brown is CSDC’s Office Assistant.  Debbie has various talents and assists with training and events preparation and execution, database maintenance and updates, research projects, and other office duties.

Jennifer McQuarrie

Advisor and Guest Instructor


Jennifer McQuarrie engages with CSDC as an advisor and guest instructor on charter school policy and legal matters.  Jennifer leads the development and delivery of several legal workshops at our Summer Leadership Intensive, Spring CBO Training Program, and Fall Leadership Update Conference. She also conducts regular ... Read more

Joyce Montgomery

Advisor and Guest Instructor


Joyce Montgomery is the Chief Financial Officer at Summit Public Schools.  Joyce was previously the Charter School Finance and Policy Specialist at CSDC, and currently serves as an advisor and guest instructor.  Joyce brings to CSDC a passion for public education and impressive finance, forecasting and resourcing skills. Prior to her work at Summit ... Read more

Beryl Nelson

Advisor and Guest Instructor


Beryl Nelson serves as an advisor and guest instructor at CSDC.  Now retired, Beryl was previously the lead Charter School Accountability Specialist at CSDC.  She worked with charter schools and their granting agencies on issues of accountability, particularly in the areas of educational programs, governance, and operations. She worked ... Read more re

Jean Hatch, Advisor and Guest Instructor

Jesse Leyva, Advisor and Guest Instructor

Gary Bowman, Advisor and Guest Instructor

Jody Graf, Advisor and Guest Instructor

Ting Sun, Advisor and Guest Instructor

Michelle Hammons, Advisor and Guest Instructor

Laurie Inman, Advisor and Guest Instructor

Pedro Reyes, Advisor and Guest Instructor

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